Who Am I?

I was born July 28, 1988. Figure out my age from there, because I’m not coming back here and changing it every year.

I was born in Germany, as my dad was in the army. Lived there for a couple years, came to the states and hopped between Georgia, where my grandmother lives, and Alabama before finally settling down in Huntsville, Alabama. Dad retired in the ’90s, and we’ve lived in Huntsville since. We being my mom, dad, and two sisters, one 4 years older and one 4 years younger.

I was a smart kid. Got in the advanced placement program, ACE. Went to MENSA Kids meetings. I skipped 5th grade math and was taking high school geometry by my 8th grade year. I ended up going to the Alabama School of Math and Science for my sophomore and junior years of high school. Problem was, as smart a kid I was, I wasn’t that great in school. Especially in things that didn’t interest me. And certain people in power weren’t so fond of me. I swear, you influence one SGA election and they’re all over you… Anyway, due to bad grades, I went back to my old high school my senior year before moving on to college. In undergrad, I majored in theatre and philosophy. My ultimate goal is to be an actor, be it on stage, film, television or in musicals of the same venues. But I also want to write, maybe direct a little. Maybe one day I’ll go to culinary school, expand my cooking abilities. Maybe one day I’ll go to grad school and teach for a while. I’ve many options, many passions.

I was in Cub Scouts, which became Boy Scouts, though my move to ASMS kind of ended my path in that. I played soccer, starting when I was about 7. I started reffing soccer when I was about 12. I joined MENSA when I was about 17.

As for religion, I have an interesting mix. My mother was raised Methodist, so when we visited Grandma, we went to a Methodist church. My father, however, is Catholic, so at home we went to a Catholic church. Eventually, my mother couldn’t handle the Catholicism anymore and started going to a Southern Baptist church. Which, of course, we kids started attending on top of our Catholic church attendance. When we turned 14, each of us was asked if we wanted to be confirmed into the Catholic Church. We each said no. So ended the Catholic segment of our Bathodist raising, as I like to call it. While attending the Southern Baptist church, it was discovered that I (and my two sisters, but they’re not in this story) could sing. Which of course meant singing solos in front of the church at a VERY young, nerve-wracking age. Still, over the years, church is where I started to grow as a singer.

While I was at ASMS, my inner nerd, my theatre geek AND my liberal side really took leaps and bounds in the growth department. I got access to anime, video games, computer games, and fellow nerds. I had never been allowed to have any non-edutainment games as a kid. I only got my first console, a PS2, in the summer of 2009. So getting to play Smash Bros. Melee and DDR and the like were really interesting new things for me. I ended up being one of the foundational members of our triannual Geek Fest, running the board games, tabletop RPGs and TCGs tables. That sort of trend didn’t end, as in college I ended up as a semi-foundational member (and the namer) of the video game group ABXY, which started the video game convention PixelCon in its first year.

As for my theatre geek… I had always loved acting. I was in Odyssey of the Mind for a couple years as a younger kid, which involved acting and problem solving, and I had done some small acting and stuff here and there in classes. I went to ASMS hoping for more theatre, since there was a drama club that put on plays and everything when my older sister went there, but the upperclassmen between myself and my older sister dropped the ball and let it fall apart. Still, I took the only theatre class ASMS had and performed a monologue from August Strindberg’s “Ghost Sonata” in front of a small audience to some rather good success. And that’s when someone suggested to me I should actually DO theatre. I had never thought of that before. I figured I’d go into computer programming or math or something. That changed in college, as I said before. I actually was originally a theatre and computer science double major… that didn’t work out so hot.

As for liberal… I started noticing inconsistencies in the things I had been raised by politically and religiously and what I was finding to be true. I got on a forum, GaiaOnline, and started doing political and religious debates on there, solidifying my beliefs in both. I’m a liberal (I don’t foam at the mouth though, I promise.) and a Christian. Yeah, a crazy combo. I’m full of those. But my Christianity is perhaps a bit different than the standard stereotype. Or, well, it definitely is.

As for my love of writing, I’ve been writing for a long time. As a little kid, I started to write a Star Wars novel. Yeah. I’ve been a nerd for a while. Though, keep in mind that my idea of a novel was, like 100 pages tops back then, at least for what I was writing. I read a lot as a kid, but the books were of widly varying lengths. Anyway, in college, I started off my sophomore year by submitting a letter to the editor and a guest column to the student paper. The next year, looking for a job, I was a volunteer copy editor for the paper for the fall semester. While doing that, I wrote a lot of opinions columns (and that being 2008, there were a lot to write) and started writing a food column, reviewing on-campus eateries. The next semester, I was officially a regular columnist in the paper for opinions and food, and was a staff copy editor. The next year, not getting the Opinions Editor job I coveted, I went to the student yearbook as Chief Copy Editor. The following year, I landed a job as Assistan Lifestyles Editor. After some unfortunate conflicts and decisions made to train people for the coming year of the paper, I left that job and became Research Editor for the yearbook. But in all that time, I never stopped writing. I even took a couple journalism classes my last spring semester to round out my education and experience. If money and time weren’t issues, I’d’ve probably either minored or gotten a third major in Journalism. But that’s behind me for now.

In short: I sing. I act. I write. I cook. I think. I argue.

There are many facets to me and my life. Some I’ve written here. Some I haven’t. Maybe time and writing will reveal more.

3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Playrighter says:

    While you make a valid point that people naturally disagree with each other, and that shouldn’t be the reason for a “scandal”.

    But I would question a few things:

    1) Would an objective person really call this a “passionate and charismatic speech”? I found it to be a friendly and casual short introduction with some humor included. Not quite lofty oratory, for which Obama was later known

    2) Isn’t it true that Obama was not completely honest about how well he knew Ayers, or of how much time and what he actually heard in the church of Rev. Wright?

    3) And finally, as to making a mountain out of a molehill: the protest was because Harvard hadn’t granted LIFETIME TENURE to a visiting professor (not someone who was well established at the school). Isn’t this a perfectly valid position for Harvard?

    • linaloki says:

      1) It seemed pretty passionate to me. I mean, maybe not what we see from time to time in his presidency, but definitely more passionate than any speech I’ve ever heard a student give. And part of the charisma came from his easy, friendly nature. …granted, I was also borrowing phrasing from one of the commentaries I read. Should have put it in quotations.

      2) Maybe. Don’t see why it matters. I hear a lot of radical, idiotic bunk from lots of people all the time, but that doesn’t mean I agree. I’ve also attended a church for most of my life that preaches things I don’t agree with.

      3) I think it’s also a perfectly valid position for people to protest denying that tenure. I don’t stand for or against Harvard in this situation.

  2. Playrighter says:

    Sorry, I neglected to mention the the prior comment is on your writing regarding the tape of Obama at Harvard introducing Mr. Bell who was upset because of Regina Austin.

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