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The Times, They Are A-Wastin’

Very often these days, I find myself either a) caught up with everything I need to do and unwilling to finish what I want to do, leaving me with nothing to do or b) overwhelmed by everything I need an want to do and needing to take a break.

And since I don’t feel like writing yet another movie review at the moment, I’ve decided to talk about what I tend to waste my time with.

Many people that know me know I enjoy trivia. I’ll spout off random trivia facts when the moment allows me to (and sometimes I’ll make the moment myself, thank you). I play trivia every week (or try to) at a local bar (it’s free to play, so why not?). I was the sixth highest individual scorer in my county in high school Scholar’s Bowl, played in college for four years (going to nationals three times myself), and was president of the Quizbowl team one of those years.

I mean, trivia’s fun.

So, often times, when I’m bored/needing a break/distracting myself from work I should be doing (like the play I wanted to finish before the end of they year that is pretty much NOT going to happen), I find myself going to Sporcle. It is THE ultimate ground for wasting time with all sorts of trivia, puzzles and other games. There are countries I didn’t know existed before I discovered trivia. No joke.

Though there are a lot of countries, so I suppose not knowing about the existence of Vanuatu, Kiribati or Tuvalu is understandable for most people.

Anyway. Check it out. Have fun. Yell at me when your productivity drops. It’s all good.

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The Day Moves On

Okay. Now, I know I had some stuff to talk about today… but with trivia and chatting with the roomies and the like taking up my time, such things will have to be saved for a later date.

Which is good, considering I need to write up several extra posts before my surgery on Thursday. Because I might be dead to the world. Possibly. Either way, probably not coherent enough to even make little ditty posts like this.

We didn’t know our serial killers well enough to win tonight at trivia… but it was nice to eat a little seafood. And have enough left over for tomorrow. Not nice was seeing the delicious pasta and fried shrimp poboy my teammates were eating. Ugh, I crave carbs so badly some days. But I am losing weight decently steadily, and I’m actually, strangely enough, eating more healthy foods than before. I’ve eaten at least one salad a day with veggies I haven’t consumed in QUITE some time. So, y’know, that’s not bad at all.

Plus, on the whole, this diet is way cheaper than my old habit of eating out all the time. This way, I only buy cheap vegetables, eggs and bacon every once in a while. I’ll end up spending maybe $80 in a month, if I’ve gone crazy. Before, I could likely spend upwards of $100 and still eat out.

Yeah. Not the best habits, I tells ya.

The cat is officially gone now… I’m a bit sad. We still have a cat, but his fur isn’t as soft… and he is the derpiest, ugliest cat I’ve ever seen. Crosseyed with a muddy eye and an underbite… Plus, he spazzes out as if he were having flashbacks from his LSD habit. It’s endearing, but not like the jump in my lap and sleep when I whistle cat.

Oh, well. You get lonely, you move on. No matter how you feel…

The day moves on.

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A Santorum South And Steaming Trivia

I’m a little tired of talking big button sociopolitical issues this week… This was not a good week for me. And, yes, it’s only two days in. I’m sure my two doctors appointments later this week will make things much better.


So, having finished all 10 seasons of “Friends,” a show I had never seen before except in five or six scattered episodes, and having had a series of unfortunate altercations with someone that I’m unsure is my friend anymore, I’m drained.

Yes, “Friends” drained me, too. It was sad at the end. Shut up.

Having to work 8 to 5 (or longer) three days in a row after losing an hour Sunday certainly hasn’t helped, either. So, instead of talking about important things, I’m just going to jabber on about menial things, like the GOP primaries.

If you haven’t heard, Rick Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi in the primaries today. Not that it matters much because, as they’re both proportional states, Mitt Romney still walks away with almost as many delegates as Santorum. But that won’t mean anything to Santorum, who will try to convert the momentum of his “wins” into more delegates later on, such as in Texas. Meaning this race is going to take forever. Seriously, if it ends by June, I’ll be somewhat surprised.

I didn’t vote in this primary because a) I’ve neglected local politics too much to be an informed voter and if you haven’t guessed by now I really REALLY don’t like uninformed voters, and b) I really don’t give two hoots which of these Goofy Old Politicians wins the nomination because they’re all terrible, terrible choices. Ron Paul is the least terrible choice in spite of his extreme libertarian (and often odd) views. Is that not just massively telling?

Ugh. It’s all disgusting.

Anyway, tonight, my friend Wesley Glass and I went to do trivia. Which is cool, since I’ll be unable to do it during my usual Thursday time as I’ll be in Huntsville doing doctory things. (Don’t worry, I’ll still post/annoy the people that subscribe to this blog by flooding their emails.) It was at Steamers tonight, somewhere I’d never been. Our server was someone I had several philosophy of law classes with, which was cool. We did rather well in the first half, only missing two questions for 4 points. There was a Monkees question in there, which made me happy. The half-time question was about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which we destroyed. And then the second half proceeded to laugh in our faces with some rather dated questions. I’m embarrassed that I forgot the year Prohibition ended, but does anyone under 30 know who Rod Roddy replaced on “The Price Is Right” in 1985? Seriously, anyone? For those that don’t know who Rod Roddy was (he died in 2003 (not 2006 as I originally thought)), he was the guy that would say the contestants’ names and “Come on down!” Always wore shiny, sequined suits. And exactly how many people have ever heard of ragtime/jazz/blues star Jelly Roll Morton? Seriously. Those are some dated questions.

Still, we had a shot, but I messed it up by not knowing what year “Don’t Stop Believing” was released. Curse my arrogance. And ignorance.

But it was fun, and the food was actually quite good. It’s the first time I’ve had seafood in a while, and I enjoyed it very much. I’ll try to go over there a few more times and maybe write a review about it.

Anyway, “Electric Mayhem” (Eh? You like the name, Muppets fans?) may not have placed, but I had fun. It was nice getting to hang out with someone this week, especially when things have been severely lonely/crappy. Cronely? Seems about right.

I’m sure I’ll be back to my crotchety, overly-liberal, “Boo, GOP” self tomorrow, though. Until then, ciao.

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New WordPress Gadgets? Whoa.

Okay. Tonight was trivia night (Which we didn’t place in… stupid baseball factoid messed us up on the final question… and after we’d done so surprisingly well with the SuperBowl MVP halftime question, too…), which means I’ve been away from the house for a while. I planned on writing today’s post before I left… But then I didn’t. I do have two new post ideas, though. Preview hints: GOP campaign summaries without sustenance, and Arizona’s toxic legislative body.

Should be fun, right? Tomorrow’s my off day, so maybe I’ll actually get around to writing them.

Anyway, when I came back from not winning trivia (seriously, we’re in a slump that needs to stop ASAP), I refreshed my blog stats and found a colorful map on it. Apparently, WordPress is now keeping up with what countries visit your blog and is letting you see that information. I checked mine out… and, while I have to wonder how many are from spam bots, I think the results are interesting. I have noticed a large number of foreign country Google searches, but this is more varied than I expected.

So, in light of a real post, here’s the list of countries visiting my blog, from most to least.

1. USA
2. Canada
3. Singapore (I figured the UK or Australia would be third… weird.)
4. UK
5. Brazil
6. Netherlands
7. Slovakia
8. Philippines
9. Australia
10. Czech Republic
11. Chile
12. Ukraine
13. Norway
14. Nigeria
15. Moldova
16. Hong Kong (Not a country, I know, but it’s up there. For some reason.)

So, there it is. I am officially international. Now, there have likely been more countries than this (I believe I caught a search from an Indian Google once), but this is all they’re giving me. …it’s kinda neat.

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From The Inkwell – “Welcome To Hollywood” Part 8

It’s great being back in Tuscaloosa. The trivia scene here is far more exciting than in Huntsville, and it seems to mean more when the team I’m on places third. Especially in a place I actually go to and eat at.

Trivia also takes a while. Something I forgot. So… Here’s the (probably not) long awaited finale to that story that I’m going to fix some day. Here’s part 7, which will lead you to part 6, which should lead you to part 5, which should lead you to all the other parts.

And we’ll definitely have stuff to talk about tomorrow. Even if it seems like I’m ripping off of Warren Buffett (I’m not, I swear).

I paid the cab driver after I exited the vehicle. As he drove off, I walked up the driveway to Jake’s house. I paused in the middle and looked at the dark night sky, searching for help in the stars. I sighed, knowing that I could find no solace in them. I walked up the steps onto his porch, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door. The white door slowly opened. Jake, looking haggard, appeared in the frame, looking at me.

Before he could say anything, I brought the case of beer I was carrying in front of my face. “Want to share?”

He grinned, grabbing my arm. “Come on in, you big dope.”

I grinned back, and walked inside the house. Jake shut and locked the door behind me. I walked into the den and set the beer on the table in the middle of the room. I then sat on the couch it was set in front of, next to the television. I glanced at the TV and saw a freeze frame picture from our movie where Austin started to run to the church. Jake had probably smuggled the film from the studio and got someone to make a VHS of it. He did that sort of thing all the time in college. I sucked in some breath. This was going to be harder than I thought.

Jake sat down in his leather La-Z-Boy, facing the TV. As he reached for a can of beer, I decided to study his appearance. Jake and I were extremely similar in many respects. Many people asked over the years if we were brothers, and we laughed every time we were asked. We were both about six feet tall, he was an inch taller than I was. I was slightly broader than he was, but nothing impressive. We both had dirty blond hair, though mine bordered on being brown. Our eyes were different colors. His were green, proof of his Irish heritage I liked to believe, where mine were a dark blue. We attended the same college, took most of the same classes, played soccer together, and we even liked the same women. Jake’s personality, however, was completely different from mine. Jake was flashy, flirty, and headstrong. Once he had an idea about something, nothing could get him off that path. Me, I was quieter than he was. I stayed to myself almost all the time before I became friends with him. Women liked me a little better in the romantic sense because I had both of my feet on the ground. Jake was charming, but I was mysteriously appealing. We had been friends since a few weeks into freshman year at college, and now, at age twenty five, we were still good buddies. It was this strong friendship that allowed me to talk to Jake about my troubles for all those years, such as how I was going to pass my chemistry final, how I was going to pop the question to Tabitha, things like that. Now I had to play Dr. Phil as our positions were reversed.

As I reached for a beer, Jake decided to start us off. “So. I know you didn’t come just to share the beer, Trent.” He sipped from his can.

I nodded, popping mine open. “You’re right, Jake. I came to express my astonishment and deep founded concern.” He raised an eyebrow. “Jake?” I asked him, hurt in my voice. “Why did you leave me alone in that parking lot?”

He burst out laughing. I grinned. As long as he knew that I wasn’t here to be the bad guy, everything would be fine. I drank some of my beer. “Seriously, Jake. Want to tell me what got you so upset?”

Jake glanced at me, and then looked intently at his can of beer. Sighing, he set it on the table. He looked straight at me. “Trent. The movie wasn’t supposed to go that way. It was supposed to be an utter failure. I had figured that people liked the fantasy world they lived in so much that any glimpse of the real world would disgust them. I wanted, more so than becoming a martyr, to teach them that the real world could be a gruesomely ugly thing. Now, I know there are times when the good guys do win. However, it can’t happen all the time. There are too many videos that encourage that type of thought.”

I sipped at my drink. “I don’t understand this anger though, Jake. Why can you not be pleasantly surprised or something? I mean, we made good money. Why can’t you be happy?”

Jake smiled, almost sadly. “Trent, you of all people should know why. Or do you not read what you write?”

I suppose the perplexed look on my face clued him in to my confusion. Sighing, he grabbed the remote for his VCR and rewound the tape a little before playing it. I heard Austin speak as he ran, narrating his thoughts to the audience.

“I knew then that I could never fit into society. I have been too far out of it for far too long. I thought that people could never change… that Kevin would always be a heartless bully and Uncle George would always be a heartless drunkard. But these people swayed like an abandoned swing in the wind. I was hopeless to figure out the driving force of the ebb and flow of human thought. If I could not please other people, then how could I please myself? If I could not please myself, then what was the purpose behind my life? I thought of all-”

Jake paused the video. I turned to face him, slowly, shocked. I opened my mouth to say something, but Jake cut me off, laughing. “No, no, Trent. I’m not suicidal. Not when it comes to my life. However, everything Austin said there are basically my feelings on the matter. I thought that I had finally figured people out, that I finally knew what drove their madness. But I was wrong. So, I’m going to stop being a producer.”

Suddenly forgetting the goals that Jake’s father set before me, I blurted out my immediate reaction. “But why, Jake? You just made a killer movie! It had more sales on the first week than a lot of blockbuster hits! I mean, you’re just gonna quit right when you figure out-”

Jake raised his hand to cut me off. “Trent. I’m quitting my job because, with my job, I have to please the public. But my idea of what the public wants is too adamant. I’m hardheaded and don’t like changing my opinions, Trent. You know that.” He smiled, and I nodded knowingly. “With a public that keeps changing, a guy that doesn’t change can’t please them. Remember “Gone With the Wind”? That was the first movie with a curse word in it. The nation was appalled, the public outraged. And now look at movies. You can find hardly any movies without cussing, sex, or blood and gore. The public opinion changes, but I don’t change with it.” He shrugged. “I’m just not cut out for it. My dad tried to tell me, but I wouldn’t listen.”

I drained the last of the beer from my can. “So what are you going to do now?”

Jake shrugged again. “I’ll probably go to graduate school or something. Maybe I’ll be a middle school teacher.”

I grinned wide. “So, since you can’t corrupt people when they’re old enough to watch the movies, you’ll corrupt them while they’re young and impressionable?”

He laughed. “Something like that.” We both stood up.

I grabbed a couple of cans from the box. “For the road.” I grinned.

Jake only smiled. Then, he clasped me on the shoulders, forcing me to look at him. “Trent. Promise me you’ll stay in the business? Hollywood needs someone like you, someone with insight. I think that, as long as you find the right inspiration, you can do good.” He started to chuckle after I nodded. “You know what the worst part about making this movie was? I became both the movie I wanted and the movie I hated. I was the good guy that succeeded, but my plan was to fail, so, ultimately, I was the story I was looking for. Maybe you can do a script about us.” He winked.

I smiled. “Perhaps. Sounds like a nice story, don’t you think?” We grinned at each other. I opened the door and walked onto Jake’s porch.

Before Jake shut the door, he said, “Keep in touch, okay, bud? I’ll try and drop by your house whenever I can. You know, just so you remember that you can’t get rid of someone like me no matter how hard you try.” He smiled.

I smiled. “Always, friend.” I turned away from the door, hearing it shut and lock behind me. I walked back onto the driveway and called a cab. I sat down on the concrete, again looking at the stars. I smiled. Maybe I could find refuge in them after all.

As I stared at them, I pondered. A movie about the stars? Nah… too science fiction.

The cab arrived, and I got in. Soon, the street was silent.

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