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And Now Is Nap Time

I really tried to curtail the “I’m feeling ill” posts. Honestly. But this has been going on for a while, and I don’t like it. Now my temperature is bouncing around on a trampoline, from 101 to 97.9. It’s ridiculous. And when I get a bit feverish, usually whilst in bed under my SINGLE cover, I start shaking harder than the earthquake in Alaska that broke a 9 on the Richter scale that likely very few people recall.

Thanks in part to my shaking (and my cat, who ate through my cell phone charger last night (this is not related to the me being sick, I’m just annoyed by it)), sleeping has been difficult. I also have sores in my mouth. They’re sores I’ve had before, sadly, and they really suck. The one inside my lip isn’t so problematic, it’s caused because me incisors keep accidentally biting me there. But the partner on the same side of my mouth, the sore on the left edge of my tongue… That one’s the worst. And when I say edge, I don’t mean it’s on top. It’s on the side. So even moving the tongue hurts. Makes eating awkward.

Especially eating a sandwich. Which I did yesterday, because I was fed up with things and my stupid condensed soup needed a can of milk, not a can of water like I assumed it would. Stupid broccoli and cheese…

Anyway, I had planned to write about how Mitt Romney is terrible and how his 47 percent thing perpetuates a false narrative about the working lower class (such as, they are worthless and/or don’t exist), but I don’t have time (or viable conscious mind) for that. So, between dreams of appearing on “The Voice” (where I sing “Collide” by “Howie Day”), I’m writing this update. Technically, this thing has until about sundown tomorrow to buzz off, but it seems less and less likely that that’s going to occur. So, Friday, when I’m not having to be at work all day (just the first half), I think I’ll swing to a doctor. Assuming they take non-insured people for less than an appendage or two. Or an organ, I want to keep those, I think.

But! I do have something cool to beg forgiveness. It’s a video with Grover and Cookie Monster making fun of “Twilight” and singing musical versions of “The Hunger Games,” “The Avengers,” “Doctor Who” and “The Newsroom.” My only complaint is that Grover doesn’t quite sound like the Grover I recall, but Muppeteers change. Many times because they die. Sadly.

…anyway, enjoy that! I’m going to pretend I’m completely healthy and sleep an uninterrupted sleep, as opposed to only two hours like last night.

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