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Did You Know There Are Funny Videos On The Internet?

So, work being the evil demon that it is, especially tonight (but, hey, I totes get extra money for being dragged out extra time), I don’t have a decent post written right now. And I was going to chit chat on Glenn Beck and protesters. Which is always a winning combination.

I’ll have to save that, I guess.

Since I don’t have anything really legitimate, I’ve decided to link you all to a few entertaining videos I’ve found lately.

First up, Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” as performed by DeStorm and Nikka Costa… after translating the lyrics with Google Translate through 9 different languages. I really want to do something like this for Guerrilla Theatre at UA now.

Next, since Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” are on a winter hibernation period, along with Stephen Colbert and “The Colbert Report,” I have to get my political jollies somewhere else. Enter Lawrence O’Donnell and “Rewrite.” He’s perhaps a little more wooden than Stewart, and the lack of peer pressure to laugh makes it a bit more difficult, but this video comparing porn producers to GOP members and slamming Newt Gingrich for being less well liked than porn stars is both humorous and poignant.

Now, I can’t recall if I’ve linked this video before, but I do so enjoy Stewart. This one is Jon Stewart’s plea to the GOP to not vote in Gingrich. It’s quite fun, as he often is.

Also, while I have graduated and am no longer in the group, I always enjoy listening to my a capella alma mater Subject to Change sing a song. And when my friend Stephen Swain is in the lead, it is either awesome and striking, or awesome and hilarious. This song about a cowboy is mostly the second, but some of the first.

That’s all for now! (My WalkenBieber sequel isn’t up just yet… I’ll let you know as soon as it is.) Just to leave you with a random thought… If the first LSU vs. Alabama game was the “Game of the Century,” what exactly is the BCS National Championship game? Re-Game of the Century?

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