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Traveling Gourmand – Broadway Pizzeria (Tuscaloosa)

Still catching up. Man, this is a slump.

There are now two places in Tuscaloosa that I will go to for pizza.

Broadway Pizzeria, on Rice Mine Road just across the Holt-side bridge and two buildings down from where I work, is a very tiny, unassuming little eatery. When you enter, you can see the brick wood-fired pizza ovens in the back of an open, small kitchen and dining area. It’s a very casual establishment, perhaps a little low quality, but none of that matters because, ultimately, you go for the food.

Now, in actuality, I’ve never had their pizza. I’ve only been twice, and they serve enough options to let me forgo getting the pizza. The difference between Broadway and my favorite pizza place, Little Italy, is that Broadway doesn’t serve pizza by the slice. That, and Broadway delivers. You can get a 7-, 12- or 14-inch pizza with a decent variety of toppings, 19 in all. I think Little Italy has more, but the selection is still pretty comprehensive with nine types of meat. They also have sandwiches, pasta, calzones… even muffeletta and a hot dog.

The first time I went, I had their baked spaghetti. Meat sauce was extra, but the spaghetti came out in this tin about 6 inches across, completely caked with cheese. And by completely caked with cheese, I mean this looked like crème brûlée, but with a layer of cheese instead of sugar. The sauce was perhaps not as zesty as I prefer mine to be, but it wasn’t bad. The dish also came with toasted garlic bread, and it was some of the tastiest bread I’ve ever had. Perfect crunch to softness ratio, as well as a very wonderful, but not overpowering, garlic, salt and spices flavor.

The second time I went, I ordered the calzone.

Fair warning: The calzones are MASSIVE.

This thing was about 12 to 14 inches across, as though they had just taken a big pizza and folded it in half. The calzone came with some warm marinara sauce, which was delicious. They can have up to six toppings inside, from the same toppings list as the pizza. I had sausage, pepperoni and jalapeno peppers, and that meal was lunch and dinner for me. Still, before I realized how ridiculously big the calzone was going to be, I had ordered a slice of their cheesecake. Now, I find it unfortunate that cheesecake is always a bit expensive… particularly because it’s my dessert vice. If somewhere serves cheesecake, I will probably buy it. I’ve even had cheesecake shipped from New York’s Junior’s Cheesecake. Now, Broadway’s cheesecake isn’t the best I’ve ever had, but that’s because I’ve had Junior’s. If you like cheesecake even a little bit and happen to be in New York City, do yourself a favor and try Junior’s cheesecake. It is phenomenal. So, it’s not Broadway’s fault that it isn’t the best. Broadway’s is really quite good, though. The crust was fantastic and moist, and the cake itself had a good depth of flavor, though not as rich as I tend to like it.

All in all, these guys seem to know how to cook. I’ve only been twice, but I’ve had great meals both times, and neither were their specialty. And I’ve never heard someone complain about their food. I think I might try them for lunch when I go to work this week. It’s definitely not a bad choice.

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