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Football: Crazy, Amirite?

Today, I had originally planned to write a little piece on how sexual harassment is a serious thing, comparing the rather disturbing trend of reactions to allegations of Herman Cain’s sexual harassment to the allegations of Jerry Sandusky’s illicit sexual activities with children.

Y’know, something light and fluffy.

But I’m not really sure too many people, myself included, are paying much attention to the world outside the gridiron today. I don’t know how many of you pay attention to football, but chaos is reigning supreme in the NCAA. And I may not be the biggest football fan on the planet (ask my college friends how much I knew about the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team my freshman year), but I am definitely fond of chaos and sportscasters being as wrong as your average weatherman.

After No. 1 LSU beat No. 2 Alabama, people stopped caring about what the season was doing for the most part. Except for UA fans, who demanded a rematch between LSU and Alabama at the BCS National Championships. But the likelihood of that was slim to none.

Until this weekend.

Earlier, Stanford lost to Oregon, a one loss team only losing to LSU, Boise State lost to TCU and Oklahoma lost to Texas Tech. This weekend, No. 2 Oklahoma State lost to unranked Iowa State, No. 5 Oklahoma lost again to No. 25 Baylor, No. 7 Clemson lost to unranked N.C. State, and No. 4 Oregon lost to No. 18 USC. Tomorrow, the top three ranked teams will be undefeated LSU at No. 1, one-loss to LSU Alabama at No. 2, and one-loss to Alabama Arkansas at No. 3.

Which is fun, because that means the SEC West owns the top three spots.

And Arkansas and LSU will be playing one another this next weekend. Joy.

If Alabama can beat Auburn as soundly as they should be able to, unless LSU falls to both Arkansas and Georgia at the SEC championship, we will very likely be seeing a rematch between Alabama and LSU.

That, my friends, is the very definition of ridiculousness. (Not that rematches with the underdog winning are unheard of anywhere else. Didn’t the undefeated during the regular season New England Patriots lose the Super Bowl to a team they already beat? And I think Spain won the World Cup after beating the team they lost to in the round robins… The chaos of sports is just so fun.)

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