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What A Super Sunday

Okay. So, for those completely living under a rock, how did you get internet access? Usually going under rocky parts makes my internet access go bye-bye.

For those living under a slightly less literal rock, today is Super Bowl Sunday. That joyous day in which people by and large pretend to care about the NFL now that college football is over, mostly to hang out, watch some sports, eat some food and laugh at entertaining Super Bowl commercials. Oh, and to take bets on what wardrobe malfunction the half-time show will try out next.

Fun fact about the Super Bowl: I’ve never watched one.

Seriously, never.

But that changes today! I’m going to be going off to hang out with some friends and watch some Super Bowl commercials, occasionally paying attention to football related things happening on the screen. I even bought pretzels.

I don’t even have a team to support. (Although, a tiger from Alabama picked the Patriots… and being a UA alum, I’m pretty sure I’m suppose to disagree with anything they say…) Like, seriously, I haven’t watched a single game all year (though I have watched parts of the game), and I don’t hardly even know any of the players. Most people from my state seem to root for the New Orleans Saints (and a fringe group quietly supports the Tennessee Titans), but they’re not playing. Neither is Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Mark Ingram or Mt. Cody, who are some of the only players I’ve ever actually watched being that they were around during my college football watching days. …days which are still happening.


So, in light of all the football related revelry that will occur in my and other people’s lives today, there’s not much I have to say.

I will, however, probably be writing about my first Super Bowl experience later. Likely the highs will be commercials. The lows? …probably commercials. But we’ll see.

And goooooo winning team! Woo!

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