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Teaching Roomies How To Cook

Sorry, nothing to say today. My roommate and I are teaching our third roommate how to cook rice after having spent several hours watching the Marble Hornets videos. Which get creepier as they go on. It’s great.

Here’s hoping the apartment doesn’t catch on fire.


Nothing Much To Say

I spent most of my evening napping… didn’t mean to. Meant to go pick up a check from three weeks ago… I really need to do that. Then I ended up watching more Marble Hornets videos with my roommates. Neither of these things is me driving home to see my family. I still need to pack and grab things that need to stay there… Oye. I guess I’ll leave early in the morning…

One thing I did do today is listen to former President Bill Clinton’s DNC speech. It’s pretty good. He tells people the facts. He isn’t divisive, doesn’t draw a “Republican vs. Democrat” line. He makes a plea for honesty and civility, compromise in government. And he makes a strong, factual case for President Barack Obama’s record and potential second term. I’d say it’s worth a listen.

Anyway, I guess I’m going to either try to pack or get some sleep (read as: watch more “Doctor Who”). Tomorrow, I should have a legitimate post up based on some discussions I had on a political website. The topic, unless something changes: Bigotry. What a fun, safe thing to discuss, right? Maybe I’ll actually have a fleshed out, thoughtful post that I don’t have to try to explain later, too. That’d be nice.

…well, goodnight for today.

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Funny Video – Troy Shaves His Face

Okay. So, Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee. I could have a lot to say about this… and I bet I do. But not today. For today was the first reading and workshop of my play, “Camp Gethsemane.” Despite merely being there to listen and discuss, it took a lot out of me. I was pretty much nervous as hell for some reason, not that I noticed until afterward. I have a lot to consider, a lot to work on. The play ran at 2:15 pretty much on the dot. That’s two hours and 15 minutes.

A bit to cut out indeed. Definitely some things to think about.

Hopefully, I’ll have a shortened version by November. A version more closely able to be produced. It’d be great to have that happen. November is the first month a former professor of mine will be able to read it, so I plan to have it done then.

Anyway… it took a lot out of me. And my newest roommate moved in today. And we all started talking about “Marble Hornets” and the Slender-man character.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Slender-man. I don’t exactly know what that’s all about. Or, well, didn’t. My roommates have been trying to explain it to me. Apparently it’s creepy stuff. Fun thing is, I’m actually friends with the director/editor of Marble Hornets, Troy Wagner. He was an acting partner of mine in my Stage Movement class at the University of Alabama. And I always just assumed Marble Hornets was a comedy group.

See, Troy posted a video to his wall on Facebook. And it’s hilarious. Apparently, Marble Hornets is not usually humorous. It’s apparently scary. Slender-man is apparently scary as heck. We’re watching the Slender-man things now. It’s… interesting, for sure. I’m sure in the right environment, with the right attention paid, I’d be pooping my pants.

But! To the hilarious movie! It’s called “Troy Shaves His Face.” It’s all about the laughs. Laughs are necessary sometimes.

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