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Paterno, Bullying And Other Such Chit-Chat

Well, I finally got around to editing the posts I said I would. My post discussing the schools in Essex that have teachers telling student victims of bullying due to their sexuality to stop acting so gay has its content updated, and I’ve finished my discussion about the unfortunate case of Joe “JoePa” Paterno and how apathy is an ubiquitous sin everyone needs to free themselves from. Apologies to the many several people that came to look at my JoePa article and saw maybe 50 words and a link to Shepard Smith saying stuff. It’s better now. I even went back to talk more about Ludo and “The Boat Song,” which you should really check out.

There has been a whole heck of a lot of revelations about sexual inappropriateness happening lately, hasn’t there? Herman Cain is up to, what, five women now? And apparently students at Penn State have been rioting over the decision to fire JoePa.

It’s a crazy world we live in sometimes.

Anyway, I think instead of my more recent regrettable practice of frantically posting a link to something random at 5 ’til midnight with the promise of going back and editing it to a better quality, I’m going to start putting up my “Second First Time Viewer”-esque blog posts that have been featuring in that other blog I’ve told you I do (Currently about “The Muppets” movies. So awesome.). You would be better to go read the blogs on that website, since I include humorous pictures and videos in that blog… but I’ll start leaking them over here as well when things get hairy.

…so, apparently, there was a Republican debate. …I think the JoePa thing stole a LOT of thunder from that. Not to mention, watching the twelfth debate or so gets really tiring…

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