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Gun Laws: I’m About To Give Up

Honestly, I’m just about to give up.

Every time a tragedy occurs involving a mass shooting in America, the gun laws conversation gets started again. And every time, people start pretending that gun control equates to an all-out ban on guns, that gun control is never going to stop all murders anyway so why bother, that gun control leads to more violence/murder even though that is not even remotely true in any of the first world countries that are remotely comparable to America.

But all those comparisons really don’t matter because America is its own country and, frankly, we won’t know what stricter gun laws will actually accomplish until we try them out.

Ultimately, I know one thing: Doing absolutely nothing, which is what we’ve been doing for the past many many years, has done absolutely nothing.

Honestly, I don’t know if stricter gun laws or more accessible mental health care (which is definitely related to lowering crime in America) would have helped prevent 20 dead children in Connecticut. But our strategy of doing nothing certainly did nothing to stop it.

America has become on of the world leaders in violence. We have some of the highest rates of mass murders, school shootings and gun crimes in the world, particularly among first world countries. And yet so many seem content to just say, “Eh. Whatever. It’s fine.” And seem to enjoy calling people that think something should change, that we should do everything in our power to stop the headlines tomorrow being 20 more dead children, or people of any age, anti-American, taking away Americans’ rights to own any and every firearm in the world.

It’s frustrating. It’s so immensely frustrating because the conversation ends before it can begin. Because people that are pro-gun rights refuse to admit that maybe, just maybe, we have a problem. That maybe we shouldn’t accept that our current situation is the best situation, especially when statistics have shown that America is far and beyond the norm for gun violence and mass shootings.

Yes, there are crazy people. Evil people. No, we’ll never be able to stop them all. But if the person in Newtown had, say, a chamber with 10 or 20 less bullets in it, instead the 100 or more it had, would there maybe be one more child left alive today?

Maybe. It’s possible. But as long as we do nothing, nothing’s possible but more of the same. And I’m too sickened by that to want it to continue on. But I’m also feeling beaten down. I don’t know what we can do when Americans seem so intensely divided on this issue and politicians cower and refuse to take action. There is some hope, after this most recent incident, that President Barack Obama will step up and force a political conversation. But who knows. So I’m going to try to bow out of the conversation for a time. I know what’s right, and I know what “rights” people should have, and that certainly isn’t free and unabated access to any and every single firearm and weapon on the planet. Mutually assured destruction just doesn’t work.

But I think I’m just going to shut up for a while. Until the politicians start bringing real changes to the discussion table, there just doesn’t seem to be a point.

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Can’t We Just Get Along?

Another shooting. We’re at one a week now. No joke, though The Onion did joke about it. Seriously, though. It’s ridiculous. Yet people adamantly refuse to talk about it or doing ANYTHING to try and fix it, be it gun laws or otherwise.

Further, I’ve been spending far too much time arguing with people on political websites. Well, just Mediaite.com. Even when I offer up the potential of polite, calm, logical discussion, I get shouted down for… something. It’s hard to tell sometimes. Seriously, there’s some crazies out there.

It just seems like there’s so much hate in the world. Stereotyping, profiling… it’s all awful. And apparently, the appropriate response to stereotyping is more stereotyping. To hate is more hate. It’s all so awful.

Reminds me of a George Carlin quote I read at some point… basically, it was talking about how we kill all the people known for chatting about peace or trying to make things better. Lincoln, JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, John Lennon, Jesus… All of them, pop. Killed, dead. You could probably argue over the politicians I listed, but generally speaking… trying to make the world a better place.

Apparently people can’t stand that.

And now we have judges in Texas rounding up soldiers in case President Barack Obama gets reelected, because apparently that will cause a civil war via invasion from United Nations forces. And we have idiots saying stupid things about rape and women’s bodies, idiots defending that stupid person, idiots threatening that stupid person…

It’s all so overwhelming.

Can’t we just get along?


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