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Tide Rolls To Championship, Guerrilla Theatre Tonight

I’m still behind a post… got caught up watching the semi-finals for the BCS National Championship for college football. Or, at least, that’s what it seemed like, since the SEC Championship was between the No. 2 (Alabama) and No. 3 (Georgia) ranked teams. And it was a hard fought battle, perhaps the toughest game for both teams, apart from the single match each lost earlier in the season.

But Alabama won in the end, partly due to poor time management (which we nearly suffered from in the first half) and, ultimately, a slip of the foot. And, of course, 60 minutes of hard playing beforehand (though most of Alabama’s strongest plays came in the second half). And now, the Crimson Tide will be heading to the National Championship for the third time in four years, if I’m remembering correctly.

And after all that, I still can’t write a post to cover for yesterday because tonight is the last Guerrilla Theatre of the year.

I’ve talked about Guerrilla Theatre a lot, and I love going to it. It’s a chance for performers that would not necessarily be given a shot on stage to show their talents. It’s a chance to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity for. And it’s just a grand old time. Seriously, there’s some amazing talent that performs at these things. I’ve only missed one Guerrilla Theatre this year, and I hate that I did. I don’t plan on it again.

Per usual, doors open at 10:30, it starts at 11 and there’s a $2 entry fee. Get there early, like around 9:30, because the line is very often very long, and the UATD/APO family is huge, so spots are limited.

I’m sure I’ll come up with something new to write for yesterday tomorrow.

…say that 10 times fast…

Oh, and of course, Roll Tide.

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Breaking The Leg – Disney Guerrilla Theatre

Alright. So, I’m not going to talk about much today, though there have been several fun things I would love to talk about soon, like racist sandwiches and the “Are you gay?” Malaysian guideline… No, tonight I’m going to promote the first night of Guerrilla Theatre at the University of Alabama.

Tonight is the Magical World of Guerrilla! Doors open at 10:30 p.m. and the show starts at 11. Entry is $2 now (Oh, no! Inflation! Must be that communist Barack Obama’s fault…) and it’s suggested you hang around in line starting at… say, 9, 9:30? Because there’s limited space and Guerrilla is quite popular. And it’s at the Allen Bales Theatre in Rowand-Johnson Hall on UA’s campus. It’s all in that link I posted, the event on Facebook.

That’s the one thing I miss about the alternate venues… They had much more seating. I mean, they were way worse for Guerrilla than the Allen Bales is, don’t get me wrong. But if the intimacy and acoustics of the AB could combine in a TARDIS-esque fashion with more seating, that’d be stellar.

Anyway, it’s Disney themed tonight. People will be dressing up. Not me, though. I’m not the best at dressing up in costumes… and my APO pledge name was Beast, a la Beauty and the.

I’m a fuzzy guy that sang Beast’s song, “If I Can’t Love Her” from the Broadway musical, for Senior Showcase, so it fits.

I bet there will be Disney-themed acts tonight, too, which could be great fun. Personally, I just want to perform in at least one this year. And do a recital somehow. I’ll have to work that out with Raphe.

In other news, Alabama tore Arkansas to tiny little pieces in football today, and Auburn only just barely beat the University of Louisiana-Monroeville in overtime. Pretty awful, let me tell you.

Anyway, you should come to Guerrilla. It’s a good time on a Saturday night (that lasts until about 1 a.m., but you’re fine with that, right?).

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Breaking The Leg – Spring Senior Guerrilla

Okay, so originally this was supposed to be a brief announcement that was scheduled to post late at night… except I didn’t click schedule or something. Stupid me. So, I’ll back post it with some added flavor at the end.

Senior Guerrillas and Roasts. It’s CryFest 2012. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have one of my own back in the spring of 2011, thanks to the April tornado. However, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to come back for one in winter 2011. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show you all my Senior Guerrilla act soon, though it will definitely not be my final Guerrilla act. I think I’m shoving as much experience with APO and Guerrilla into my life as possible to make up for the fact that I was an idiot that didn’t join APO until my final year of school and didn’t perform at Guerrilla until my second to last year. And only with a couple of acts total in my Guerrilla career.

I swear, I will change that this fall. I will perform a few more things that have been weighing on me. And maybe I’ll even finish writing my play and get to see APO perform that one day soon. That would be one of the best things to ever happen to me, I think.

Today will be a long day. And it promises to be a good one.

And it certainly was. I left my place at about 9:15 a.m. I left the Allen Bales for two and a half hours for my rehearsal for “Inside the Tornado,” opening this Thursday at Shelton State Community College. I came straight back to the AB and didn’t leave again until about 4:30 in the morning. And it was wonderful.

I will miss all the seniors (and the one transferring student) very much. My biggest regret is waiting too long to get to know you, hiding myself away behind excuses and self-doubt, self-hate. You all make me want to change that. And for that, I thank you all so much. I’ve already said my goodbyes, which had better not be actual goodbyes, so I won’t say them again. Besides, non-Tuscaloosa people that read this blog are probably already confused as heck. Oh, well. I’ll be back to talking some silly topic I pretend to know about soon enough, I’m sure.

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Out Of Commission Due To Food Coma

Have you ever had a day where you decided to cook a nice, semi-big, delicious meal? And then decided you didn’t want leftovers, partly because the food tasted really good?

Today was cheesy spaghetti with spicy meat sauce. And my stomach and I regret our joint actions.

So, I’m kind of lying in bed trying to work off this food baby/food coma thing… Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be both mobile and conscious enough to make it up to you with two posts. But we’ll have to see.

In other news, if you happen to be in Tuscaloosa, the University of Alabama’s last showing of their production of “Italian Straw Hat” is tomorrow at 2 p.m., and Guerrilla Theatre is tonight at get-over-there-right-now-before-you-miss-it o’clock. I was originally planning on performing tonight, but I’ve had to postpone until the next one on March 31. Not due to the food baby/coma/ouchies. That’s just unfortunate timing.

Also, right now, there’s a live showing of a play about Proposition 8 going on YouTube right now with Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and others. Wonder if that’ll be put up later as an actual video.

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Sing, Sang, Sung – “Mud Puddle Day” By Jamie Glass

So, remember all those topics about things I want to talk about that I listed off in yesterday’s post?

…yeah, not doing any of those today. Yet again. I’ll get them done, don’t worry. …just… don’t hold your breath, alright?

Anyway, my friend Wesley Glass posted this video, and I felt I had to share it with you.

As I’ve mentioned before, last December I was hugely privileged to be allowed by the Alpha Psi Omega Gamma Gamma cast down at the University of Alabama to perform at Senior Guerrilla as a makeup for the Guerrilla I didn’t get to have thanks to the tragic/dickish/frustratingly depressing tornadoes that tore through Alabama and destroyed much of Tuscaloosa back last April.

Those videos haven’t been put on YouTube yet, sadly, but I promise I will link you to at LEAST my own Guerrilla act when they are put up. But I will likely link you to every last one of them because, man… it was such a strong, fun, wonderful, talented Guerrilla performed by some strong, fun, wonderful, talented people (and me). I enjoyed it so much.

One of the people that performed that night was my friend and former Pledgemaster Wesley Glass. I’ve worked with Wesley before, performing a scene for our Senior Showcase in New York City last March. That was tons of fun. But that night, he showed off not only his acting abilities, but also his singing abilities. He brought his father on stage with him, and they both sang a song that his father, Jamie Glass, had written about an event in Wesley’s childhood (if I’m remembering the story correctly).

Anyway, the song was really fun. It was very sweet and very touching, especially knowing a bit of the story behind it, and especially seeing father and son perform it. Further, the style was very (mid to late) The Monkees meets Simon & Garfunkel, and I am a TOTAL sucker for both sounds individually. Combined was both comforting and fun. A great listen.

So, Wesley linked to this video of his father performing the song, and I wanted to share it with you. Partly because I enjoy supporting somewhat unknown artistic talent, partly because I enjoy the song and think you will, too. I’m not going to say it’ll knock your socks off or anything, but it is a sweet song that sounds unique and fun and just great to listen to. I might even go to say that it’s great when you’re in a bad mood.

And great to listen to on those rainy, mud puddle days.

Here’s the song.

“Mud Puddle Day” – Jamie Glass

Monday morning, what a pain.
Look outside, it’s raining again.
It’s going to be another dreary day.
Why does it always seem to start out that way
When I must go to work and do all the things I dread?
I wish that I could just stay home and spend all day in bed.

But the clock says eight-thirty, it’s time to go.
Here I am in a hurry and my young son is walking slow.
I opened up the door and much to my surprise.
My son who was half asleep suddenly becomes alive.
Can he see the dark clouds or the rain pouring down?
How can he be happy on this day that makes me frown?

He looked up at me, and then I heard him say:
“Oh boy, it’s a mud puddle day!”

He ran out in the rain with one thing on his mind.
The biggest mud puddle was what he went to find.
I grabbed him by the arm and said, “We have no time for this.”
Another thing gone wrong for me to add to my list.
He looked at me with sad eyes and asked if we could wait.
I just shook my head no and said that we were late.

He looked back at me and then I heard him say:
“But dad, it’s a mud puddle day.”

And mud puddle days are meant for playing in the rain.
If your life is an adventure, then there’s no time to complain.
Looking for the silver linings in the clouds that come your way,
Well that’s the joy of a mud puddle day.

I took my son to school. I bent down for a kiss.
He told me that I didn’t know all the fun that we had missed.
Well I had never thought to view the world through my son’s eyes.
But when I did, it came to me. I suddenly realized
That I had let the world’s ways cloud my reality.
Now I know the rainy days of life are an opportunity.

So when the rains come now you can here me say:
“Oh boy, it’s a mud puddle day.”

Because mud puddle days are meant for playing in the rain.
If your life is an adventure then there’s no time to complain.
Looking for the silver linings in the clouds that come my way,
Well that’s the joy of a mud puddle day.

Yes, and when the rains come now you can here me say:
“Well, oh boy, it’s a mud puddle day.”

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Did You Know There Are Funny Videos On The Internet?

So, work being the evil demon that it is, especially tonight (but, hey, I totes get extra money for being dragged out extra time), I don’t have a decent post written right now. And I was going to chit chat on Glenn Beck and protesters. Which is always a winning combination.

I’ll have to save that, I guess.

Since I don’t have anything really legitimate, I’ve decided to link you all to a few entertaining videos I’ve found lately.

First up, Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” as performed by DeStorm and Nikka Costa… after translating the lyrics with Google Translate through 9 different languages. I really want to do something like this for Guerrilla Theatre at UA now.

Next, since Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” are on a winter hibernation period, along with Stephen Colbert and “The Colbert Report,” I have to get my political jollies somewhere else. Enter Lawrence O’Donnell and “Rewrite.” He’s perhaps a little more wooden than Stewart, and the lack of peer pressure to laugh makes it a bit more difficult, but this video comparing porn producers to GOP members and slamming Newt Gingrich for being less well liked than porn stars is both humorous and poignant.

Now, I can’t recall if I’ve linked this video before, but I do so enjoy Stewart. This one is Jon Stewart’s plea to the GOP to not vote in Gingrich. It’s quite fun, as he often is.

Also, while I have graduated and am no longer in the group, I always enjoy listening to my a capella alma mater Subject to Change sing a song. And when my friend Stephen Swain is in the lead, it is either awesome and striking, or awesome and hilarious. This song about a cowboy is mostly the second, but some of the first.

That’s all for now! (My WalkenBieber sequel isn’t up just yet… I’ll let you know as soon as it is.) Just to leave you with a random thought… If the first LSU vs. Alabama game was the “Game of the Century,” what exactly is the BCS National Championship game? Re-Game of the Century?

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Breaking The Leg – “See Rock City & Other Destinations” By APO

Friday night, I finally managed to come down to the University of Alabama, specifically in order to perform in the Senior Guerrilla I had taken away from me when the tornado hit Tuscaloosa on April 27. On that note, the day spent with my fellow APO seniors, being roasted and roasting, telling one another how we felt about each other, just spending a day of comfort and love and adoration and respect with one another all day. I never really knew how many people actually paid attention to my skills as a writer and respected them, nor how many people actually respected me. It was a great day. And the Guerrilla performances were just awesome. As soon as the video comes up for mine, I will certainly link you.

…long rambly paragraph aside, I actually rolled into T-Town on Friday, just in time to watch the second and final performance of the first Alpha Psi Omega musical since, if I recall, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”.

The musical this time was “See Rock City & Other Destinations,” a modern musical that seems to have been written around 2007 with music by Brad Alexander and lyrics by Adam Mathias. It’s not exactly a musical I’ve ever heard of before. It’s not really as big a hit as, say, “Wicked.” But this tiny, hour and a half or so musical is one of the best musicals I’ve had the joy of seeing.

The director, senior Barrett Guyton, actually was directing only his second show and his first musical after directing the spring 2011 David Bolus show “blackout.” Something people may not realize about directing a show… it’s not the easiest thing to do, per se. You can only direct something well if you can see it, envision the way things will flow and become, and sometimes it simply won’t work the way you see it.

I’ve directed a scene from Edward Albee’s “Everything in the Garden” for a directing class before. I had read the play several times before and performed the scene for my Acting 1 class. As such, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to see when the scene played out. Still, I had to come up with new things for the new venue and created a blocking based on the factors of the new stage I was on.

Later, I directed a musical number, the freaking awesome quartet “Poor Child” from the Andrew Lippa musical “Wild Party.” Granted, it didn’t quite come out exactly the way I wanted because of rehearsal restraints, but I found that during a musical number, so many more factors had to be considered. Feel of the music, flow of the voices, who I wanted to be focused on (since all four were singing different things simultaneously)… there was a lot to focus on. A lot to think about. But I had seen the musical before, and had an idea that was at least somewhat similar to the way it was done then.

Both times, though, an idea sort of formed in my head to start off. I saw an image of the scene before anything was ever even performed. But that isn’t something that can always just happen. It’s a gift, and it still requires hard work.

All that is to say, Guyton has a special talent as a director. Because the show was fabulously well done.

But Guyton was not the only force behind this amazing show. The entire cast, 13 people strong, had nothing but amazing performances. I would pick out the strongest performances, but I simply can’t. Each performance was, quite simply, awe inspiring.

The musical shows itself in the fashion of several scenes piled together. Simple situations, similar yet different in nature. The quote from the website describes the plot of the show thusly:

“A wanderer believes his destiny is written on rooftops along the North Carolina Interstate.  A young man yearns to connect with intelligent life in Roswell, New Mexico.  A woman at the Alamo steps out of the shadow of her grandparents’ idealized romance to take a chance on love.  Three estranged sisters cruise to Glacier Bay to scatter their father’s ashes.  Two high school boys face unexpected fears in the Coney Island Spook House.  A terrified bride-to-be ponders taking the leap…over Niagara Falls.”

If you ever get a chance to see any performance of this musical, I suggest you do so. It’s a wonderful story, defying some expectations and presenting some great, memorable songs that show off voices wonderfully. If you didn’t get to see UA’s APO cast perform the musical, though, then I’m sorry… but you missed an amazing show. A once in a life time joy to uplift your life.

…shoot, I’ll list the cast and crew, too. No need to give Guyton all the glory.

Adam Vanek, Natalie Riegel, Drey Mitchell, Jessica Berzack, Will Travis, Jordan DeWitt, Miranda Rivas, Gia Asperasm Brittany Steelhammer, Nicholas Burroughs, Corey Rives, Renee Reinecke and Zacchaeus Kimbrell as cast, with Daniel DeShazo, Will Cotton, Keegan Butler, Katie Marie Hooper, Marianne McConnell, Meagan Eversmeyer and Sarah Kathryn Bonds as crew.

Congratulations, APO, for a fantastic show, and one of my favorite musicals ever seen at UA.

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Senior Guerrilla Theatre Tonight

Okay. This post is pretty on the fly and cannot say nearly all the things I wish it would. To sum up, Senior Roasts with my APO family were wonderful. Hilarious, touching, awesome. I was only with APO for one year, but this entire experience makes me regret that it was only one. It has been such a wonder.

Tomorrow, I’ll write a review on “See Rock City,” the freakin’ amazingly fabulous musical APO put on Friday night that I got to watch. You won’t get any chances to see their performances, which were phenomenal, but the musical is still out there and well worth a look.

But that’s tomorrow. Tonight, it’s Senior Guerrilla. And I’m going to be bringing back some laughs. If you’re in T-Town, get to the Allen Bales Theatre by 10:30 tonight or regret missing a night of awesome.

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Headin’ Down To Tuscaloosa Town

Which is so much cooler than Tinsel Town, let me tell you.

Anyway, since I’m not 100% sure how much time I’ll have to write a real, legitimate post, I figured I’d just say that today, I’m heading to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to hang out with friends I’ve not seen in a while. Then, tomorrow, I will be performing the Senior Guerrilla I didn’t get to thanks to the April tornado.

Well, it won’t be quite the same performance. My guitarist and backup singer is in Cuba right now, doing awesome things. So… I had to come up with something slightly on the fly.

Hopefully it will be entertaining.

Whenever that gets put online, I’ll be sure to post a link to it. Until then, stay awesome.

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Sing, Sang, Sung – “The Boat Song” By Ludo

I don’t really have much to say today. Nor do I have much to say about this song, except that I love the band, I love the song… it reminds me of better, happier times with people I miss dearly.

Most of Ludo’s songs are ridiculous and nerdy and dorky and funny. This one… It’s a great, serious, emotional song. Maybe I’ll sing it one day soon. Hopefully, as I had planned to sing it as my senior Guerrilla Theatre act at The University of Alabama, I’ll be able to sing it in December when APO lets us former seniors come back and do it.

I was introduced to Ludo via the season 5 premier commercials for “House, M.D.” with their song “Love Me Dead.” I thought it sounded cool, found it online… and was treated to one of the greatest, most dorky things I’ve ever seen. I eventually went on a listening spree and fell in love with how ridiculous and fun these guys are. They have a song where a guy get’s eaten by a lake for goodness sake. I am so not even joking.

But “The Boat Song”… it’s a calmer, softer… sweeter song. It feels like love and familiarity. It feels like the hug of a loved one. Like slowly dancing with them, remembering the good times.

…*sigh*. Sometimes, we need to make our own good times when all the old ones have gone. Anyway, “The Boat Song.”

“The Boat Song” – Ludo

To the left of me’s the sketch you drew
And to the right I see that book I lent you
To help you through the night

The black of charcol on my thumbs
But with any luck you’ll see the light that comes
From open eyes

It’s All Hallow’s Eve
Hold my hand
Ahead there’s land
We’ll row the boat
And leave it on the other shore

Through the wreckage of my college years
I made sure to hold close both my hate and fear
Of letting go

Told you Sunday just how long it’s been
You confessed to me fears you’d been holding in
Now we both know

It’s all fine with me
Hold my hand
Ahead there’s land
We’ll row the boat
And leave it on the other shore
Hold my hand
Ahead there’s land
We’ll row the boat
And leave it on the other shore
Through the fall
Come hell and all
We’ll row the boat
And leave it on the other shore

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