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I Guess This Is My Sick Leave?

I’m terrible sorry, guys. And gals. And those that prefer identification via some other word. I’ve been loading you all down with day after day of “Hey, guess what? I’M CRAZY SICK.”

I managed to eke out a legitimate post one night, and I truly meant to eke one out tonight, too. Unfortunately, trivia let out SUPER late (we SUPER lost, by the way, though I got TWO non-soccer sports questions correct), and my neck is more sore and stiff than any other anything I’ve ever had has been. I don’t know if this is some complication of the food poisoning, some complication of my diet consisting of Gatorade and bananas now (I have soup I’ll cook tomorrow) or what, but good Lord do I ache. Even just sitting is a constant throb of ow ow ow.

On the plus side, I think my food poisoning is clearing up some. Seems like it, at least. Maybe. I dunno. I didn’t really tally up how often things hurt in days previous.

…anyway, tomorrow, I’ll likely have another semi-filler, but it won’t be about me being sick! I refuse to write any more of these. …unless I suddenly start dying. Or things get out of hand some other way. Here’s hoping not.

For now, I’m going to lay in bed and hope that helps my neck.

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“You Have Died Of Dysentery”

So, I’m still feeling terrible ill. I broke my fever, thank goodness, but at what cost? While my fever was going, the intense stabbing pains in my intestines had actually stopped. Once the fever broke, they started again. And it super sucks and super hurts.

If my Googling and subsequent Wiki’ing has been any sort of accurate, I likely have been infected with Campylobacter. It’s apparently the most common bacteria involved in food poisoning and causes symptoms like headache (I never have those), vomiting (none of that, thank God), and dysentery.


Dysentery, for those fans of “Oregon Trail,” was pretty much the most feared cause of death in the game, so I understand. It even killed one of our presidents, I do believe… Zachary Taylor, I think. I’m not positive and feel too ill to do much research into that little factoid right now, though.

What dysentery does, though, is it tends to cause abdominal cramps, pain, diarrhea (often bloody and mucusy), and fever.

…Sounds like me. Yaaaaaaaaay.

The internet tells me this will last 5 to (at most) 10 days, most likely. I’m hoping the initial 5 to 7 days I read is more accurate. Because I don’t have health insurance, but if this lasts more than a week, I’m asking a roomie to throw me at a doc-in-the-box.

Self treatment isn’t too difficult, though. I’ve started drinking Gatorade today (we had some at the apartment left by one of the previous tenants that roomed with one of the current roomies… it’s awful). I’m going to have to buy more tomorrow. I still haven’t eaten much of anything, mostly out of fear of the pain. I ate another bowl of cereal with milk this morning and I really need to stop that. For now, I’m sticking with bananas and grapes. I’ve eaten two bananas today, in addition to the cereal. That makes the food tally: Four bowls of cereal with milk, assorted juices and two bananas. And a few grapes. That’s all I’ve eaten over the past several days.

…I guess I should go get some soup or something.

I also bought some Gas-Ex today, to see if that would help.


The benefit of being bedridden is catching up on TV. I finished up with “Doctor Who” (just since 2005, of course) and even started to watch “Game of Thrones” today… but my internet is mean and I really need Netflix to watch that.

I really like the theme song, though.

…anyway… I’m going to go pass out and try to watch more TV stuff or something. And do that getting better thing. Hopefully that’ll happen, too.

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