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Gingrich: Screw The Rules, I Have Morals!

Okay. Kim Jong-Il is apparently dead, so there’s that big news. Nothing much for me to say except, man, the foreign jerkwads seem to be dying off en mass this year, don’t they? Now, if only we could get some of the jerks in America to either A) die and leave us all alone or B) actually do some good. Where’s the ghosts of Christmas when you need them?

So, instead of Kimmy, I’m going to bring your attention to this little piece of news about another one of current GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich’s stances on American politics.

Basically, in his opinion, he (plus Congress maybe) should have the final say on whether or not court decisions should be upheld based on his own interpretations of the morals and traditional values of these United States.

That’s right. A guy that was paid $30,000 an hour by Freddie Mac as a “historian” during the housing bubble and subsequent burst, the guy that wants to have children work as janitors in schools under the tutelage of a “master,” the guy that is currently the frontrunner for one of the two major political parties in the US for candidacy for president of the US…

That guy basically wants to take checks and balances and throw them out whenever he feels like it.

Man, it’s like Nixon all over again. “I can’t be a crook! Presidents are above the law!” This fundamental lack of understanding about checks and balances and the workings of our United States Constitution is appalling, and down-right frightening for a presidential candidate to have. I thought Herman Cain not knowing a single thing about a single country outside of our borders was frightening and scary. But it’s a lack of knowledge of things happening INSIDE our borders that scares me more.

This is NOT a guy that needs to be in the White House. This is a guy that needs to be in a civics class.

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