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And We’re Back

Hello, all. I’m back.

So. It’s been a little while since I’ve written here, huh. Last time I wrote was March 12… and my last “real” post was Feb. 10. Almost an entire year…

…so it’s probably safe to say the “a post a day” experiment kinda fell through.

Still. Not too shabby. I made it an entire year and nearly a half with at least one post per day… that’s a lot of writing. If I had kept it up last year, I would have had SO MANY VIEWS. Even with basically 11 months of no writing, I somehow managed 13,948 views last year. Compare that to the year before’s 15,185. It makes me feel almost popular. Or, well, makes me feel like the lyrics to “Beauty and the Beat” are popular. But enough of that.

2013 was an interesting year. I got my first ever lead role, the opportunity to play Coriolanus in a staged reading of Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus.” Less than a month later, I was cast in a TCF television pilot “Toss-Up,” again cast as the leading role. That opened up several other venues for me, such as a decently-sized part in a TCF short film produced by “Seinfeld” director Tom Cherones and a recurring role in the webseries “Alabama Ghostbusters.” Finally, in October, I was blessed/lucky/really really really super lucky enough to somehow manage to be cast as Jean Valjean in a local production of “Les Miserables,” my favorite musical and a dream role of mine for years.

I started out 2013 not talking to my best friend. Not because I was mad at her or something. No, rather because I’m the kind of person that can come to the conclusion (unfortunately often) that people are better off without me in their lives…  Around late February, I started dating a girl (my fourth girlfriend… possibly I only decided to date her beyond my attraction to her because I knew it would end when she went to grad school) that played my fiance in the TV pilot… and had we not dated, I wouldn’t have been asked to go to a wedding that my best friend was the maid-of-honor for, and I may still not be talking to her (as painful as that would be for me).

I haven’t managed to get “Camp Gethsemane” produced yet, sadly… I’m going to make a really big effort this year. It’s in the midst of yet another edit, a big edit that changes a few second act things and hopefully makes it all for the better… but a production would be amazing. I also haven’t managed to find a better job yet… though I did start hosting trivia at bars and restaurants around Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, and the extra income is pretty nice. Also, I seem to be decent at it. People like me well enough. (P.S. If you know any bars/restaurants that might like to host trivia, let me know!)

It’s been a year of changes, for sure. A year of opportunities… not my worst year… and hopefully, not my best to come, but a pretty decent one all-in-all.

Which brings me to 2014. The new year. And new years tend to bring new resolutions. Something that, usually, I duck out on because come on. Those are made with the intent of being broken, most of the time.

Still. I feel I should resolve a few things. So I’mma try.

First, I am going to lose weight. I wanted to for Les Mis, but Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas were right there and it is pretty much impossible to lose weight during those holidays. I plan to shed at LEAST 40 pounds and KEEP it off throughout the year. Maybe even work out and get some toning and muscle, not this semi-sentient fat I have at the moment.

Second, I’m going to get something I’ve written produced. Hopefully “Camp Gethsemane.” I will do it, damn it. I have screenplays and plays at the ready. Some need work, yes. But that can be done. I just want something to show for my work.

Third, I am going to write at least five more of the projects in my head. It’s a tall order. I may need help with some to keep me honest. I still have to edit and polish some of the things I’ve already written. But I also need to get new things done, too. I need to write, need to produce. I have two one-act mythology plays and two screenplays that need finishing. The fifth, I have many many ideas that could be the fifth… And the desire to write new things may help me finish my old things. If you’re a writer and want to help keep me honest, please let me know. No joke.

Fourth, I am resurrecting this blog. But it won’t be a once-a-day blog anymore. That just doesn’t seem feasible. With trivia taking up several of my nights, and all the acting I did last year, writing once per day became basically impossible. Les Mis is one reason “Camp Gethsemane” has been mid-edit since October. Still, I hope to write in this blog semi-regularly… and maybe add a new segment where I try new things in the kitchen, things I’ve never done before, like new techniques (like frying things) or foods (like fish). Which brings me to…

Fifth, I’m going to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve been getting there. Hosting trivia has REALLY helped me become a more social and sociable person. As has finally being on stage in a visible way. I’m going to audition for more things in town, of course… but beyond that, I want to just do things I don’t normally do. Talk to people more. Hang out with people more. Being a hermit really gets lonely, and I really hate the feeling sometimes. And maybe, just maybe, if I step out of my comfort zone, I can be more comfortable with who I am. It seems oxymoronic, but trust me. I’m not intensely comfortable even in my comfort zone.

All in all, I hope to move forward with life in 2014. Professionally, romantically, creatively… I need to stop being stagnant. I need to stop being jealous of other people’s romantic and professional successes and start making others jealous of mine. I’ll let you know how that goes as it moves along.

Oh, and expect more of my randomness on this blog, because there’s a lot I wanted to say last year that I never got to… If 2014 is as ridiculous as 2013 was, I’m sure I’ll have a bunch to gab on about.

It’s good to be back.

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Sing, Sang, Sung – “The Star Wars That I Used To Know” By Teddie Films

Okay. So, plug first, tomorrow is our last showing of “Twelfth Night”. Come watch. Fun times.

Now, I know that, despite what I said yesterday, there have totally been a few major political developments as of late. Something about Health Care and how Texas Republicans hate education… But I will save those topics for later. Instead, I’m going to link you to another amazing song, along the lines of the “Beauty and the Beat”. I have to apologize for not having the lyrics for that song up… I’ve had over 200 views on that post, and most people seem to be looking for the lyrics. I’ll try to write some out later and update the post.

Anyway, I’ve talked before about the increasingly popular Gotye song “Somebody That I Used To Know.” It has been covered in many fabulous and interesting ways. Well, this song is a parody of that song… and it’s wonderful. It’s about all the things the fans find wrong with the Star Wars prequels. Give it a listen and laugh very much.

“The Star Wars That I Used To Know” – Teddie Films

Now and then I think of when I was in power
Like choking people with the Force until they died
But then you told them all my history
And took away my masculinity
And had my character portrayed by subpar actors.

You are now addicted to an overuse of graphics
And making Greedo shoot first? Han shot first.
So when you tried to have the Force make sense
You introduced the midichlorians
And what’s the deal with having me be dubbed over (Noooooooooo!)

But you didn’t have to change it all.
Make ‘em like they never happened and the fans are nothing
I don’t even need your love
But you treat me like a Bantha and that feels so rough
No you didn’t have to make them blow
Have your friends direct your movies and they’ll turn out better.
You think that you don’t need them though
What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know

What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know
What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know

Now and then I think of all the times I screwed fans over.
I had them believing that the first three films were really done.
But Star Wars will be done my way
I don’t care what you have to say
I think that they should let it go
And they’ll never get the Blu-Ray of the Star Wars that you used to know

You didn’t have to change it all.
No more puppets, no more practical effects or nothin’
I don’t even need your love
But you treat me like a wampa and that feels so cold.
No you didn’t have to sell your soul
Do we really need to watch them all again in 3D?
Jar Jar was an all time low
What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know

The movies
(I used to know)
The movies
(What happened to the Star Wars that I used to know)

(I used to know)
(That I used to know)
(I used to know)
(That I used to know)

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Sing, Sang, Sung – “Beauty And The Beat” By Todrick Hall (With Lyrics)

Okay. Still plugging the show. Usually, I’d use this post to just write about the show and the opening night’s performance… I’ll wait until tomorrow afternoon to do that. It was good, to be brief about it.

Tonight was the opening night of The Rude Mechanicals’ “Twelfth Night.” One of the three Facebook events can be found here. We will be performing at the Park at Manderson Landing on Friday and Saturday, with pre-show music starting at 7 and the show starting at 7:30. As always, the show is free, but donations are nice. Tomorrow, the show will be at Wintzell’s Oyster House in Northport/Tuscaloosa. It will have a $15 cash pay-at-the-door with proceeds going to the West Alabama Aids Outreach program. Inside, there will be a free buffet and a cash bar. That one is RSVP, however, and may have been filled… if it’s not, though, I’ll let you know as soon as I know!

Now. Onto the little gem that I was linked to today. I may have listened to it… slightly less than a million times. It’s wonderful.

Who remembers the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”? It’s a true classic, one of the better Disney films, in my opinion. Not my favorite (that’d be “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”), but definitely solid, and with some good music. (AND it has the guy that voiced Claude Frollo in “Hunchback,” so that’s fun.)

Anyway, if I remember correctly, the very first non-instrumental song in the movie is one called… well, I thought it was “Bonjour,” but this YouTube video says it’s “Belle (Little Town).” Whichever. If you remember the movie, you should remember the song with either name.

Now… I don’t exactly know who Todrick Hall is, or what he usually does… but this is excellent. A group of people got together and rewrote the lyrics of the song, added in some beats… And put it in the ghetto. It’s “Beauty and the BEAT.” And it’s amazing. I can’t really give much else in way of explanation. Just… listen. It’s hilarious.

“Beauty and the Beat” – Todrick Hall

No lyrics… I couldn’t catch them all if I tried, and Google just links me to some stupid Justin Bieber song… But there is an article on Huffington Post about this video, and it mentions that Todrick Hall is a one-time “American Idol” contestant. Glad he didn’t win. He should make more things like this.

UPDATE: I have lyrics! Enjoy.

Little town, it’s a quiet village.
Every day like the one before.
Little town, full of little people.
Waking up to say…

What’s good? What’s good? What’s good? What’s good?

Get yo tail out the street!

There go Bonquesha she wit Trey like always.
He on the downlow I can tell.
Every morning just the same since the morning that we came
To this busted wretched town.

(Spoken) Good morning, Belle.

(Spoken) Good morning, Cleetus.

(Spoken) Where you going?

(Spoken) The weave shop! I just saw the most wonderful up do with some finger waves and some micro braids…

(Spoken) That’s nice… Patrice, one of my brownies! Hurry up!

Hey little mama can I get them digits
So I can hit you on yo cell? Yo let me get it though.

Her beauty ain’t all that!

But her booty is real fat.

No denyin’ she a bougie girl that Belle.

What’s good?

What it do?

How is yo Ma’n’em?


What you call me?

How is your wife?

I need six legs!

Uh-uh, that’s too expensive.

There must be more than this old hood rat life!

(Spoken) Hey, Belle!

(Spoken) Hey LaWasha, hey LaDrya. I came to get my hair did. Have you got anything new?

(Spoken) Girl, not since Isaiah.

(Spoken) That’s alright, I’ll take this one.

(Spoken) Girl, you gonna spoil him!

(Spoken) Well he’s my favorite! I mean, look at those eyes, those little cheeks, his little Caesar cut…

(Spoken) If you like him all that much, then he yours.

(Spoken) But ma’am-

(Spoken) Girl, I insist!

(Spoken) Thank you! Thank you very much!

Look there she go, she think she got that good hurr.
Girl, that’s a lace-front I can tell.

Where she get that ugly dress?

Cause she look a crusty mess!

Cause she really is a bougie girl that Belle! Mmm.

Oh, isn’t this a hot mess?
Who would name their first-born Blue Ivy?
Here’s Kim Kardash and Kanye.
Wonder if they’ll have a brand new show on BET?

Well I had heard that she a chocolate chaser.
They say she like that caramel.

She aint looking for no beast
Less he lookted like Tyrese.

Very different from the rest of us.

But you ain’t like the rest of us.

Yes, different from the rest of us is Belle.


(Spoken) Oh shit! (Running and shouting)

(Spoken) I said Jerome in the house, I said Jerome in the house!

(Spoken) Watch your mouth!

(Spoken) What’s up, little lady? Your dad must be a cop cause you got fine written all over you!

(Spoken) He said you got fine written all over-

(Spoken) Be quiet little fool! Let’s say we walk through the hood real quick?

(Spoken) No thank you, Jerome.

(Spoken) Hold on, hold on, woah woah! What do you mean no thank you, mama? You’re the finest girl I ever asked, so why don’t you spin around for me?

Right from the moment I had met you, seent you,
I said you bangin’ and I fell.
Baby, what’s it gonna be?
Tell me is you feelin’ me?
Cause I’m makin’ plans to leave my momma house.

Look thurr he go. Isn’t he awl that?
My boo, Jerome… Girl he so foine!
Uh-uh, fo’ real? Girl, no he didn’t!
If she can’t use yo’ comb don’t bring her home!

Yo’ kitchen nappy.
Girl hide yo kids.
Sho nuff!
Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Yo homie, move!

My baby daddy!

There must be more than this old hood rat life!

If you got good credit, you can be my wife!

Look there she go, she lookin’ so ridik’lous.
She think she in a furry tale.
Why she got her weave like that?
Tell me where they do that at.
She really is a bougie girl.
A beauty, but a bougie girl.
She really is a bougie girl… That Belle!

What’s good?
What’s good?
What’s good?
What’s good?
What’s good?
What’s good?

If you don’t get out the skreet, ooh I swear for God! Uh uh!
Don’t make me take my shoe off!
Ooh get outta my way!

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