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Sing, Sang, Sung – “Dancing Mad” By The Black Mages

M’kay. So, I finally finished that 15-page screenplay adaptation of “Macbeth.” Like… two minutes ago. So, not much time to write about anything else. My apologies. It’s not that Macbeth took long… but I did have a game night tonight. I believe we played Elder Sign, which is Arkham Horror but just with dice and an environment built by cards. Fun, even if we lost badly the first two times. Stupid elder gods… Still, as it wasn’t actually Arkham Horror, I’ve yet to lose Arkham Horror. So nyah.

…anyway. Lots of writing, napping, playing games… so, as a result, you get a dinky song post!


This one comes from Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III as it originally came out in America). It’s a rather long song, which makes sense since it’s the final boss’s theme. And you’re not supposed to beat the final boss very fast.

I mean, you can, but you’re not supposed to.

The version I’m linking is specifically the one done by The Black Mages, the group that video game music composer Nobuo Uematsu created basically to legitimately play all of his music in something other than 8-bit sound. It’s the song I’ve been using to gauge how long a drive takes. The original video game version lasts 17 minutes. This one only lasts about 12 minutes. Earlier today, when traffic was terrible, was the first time I’ve had to repeat the song. No other time have I ever gotten through the entire song before I got to where I needed to be.

Anyway, if you enjoy pipe organ, this song will appease you. If you like epic, dramatic guitar solos, this song will appease you about 8 and a half minutes in. Give it a listen if you have time.

“Dancing Mad” – The Black Mages

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I Am The King Of (Board) Games!

Okay. So, this post is late once again due to an ABXY event (which is why my post was late yesterday). Technically, two ABXY events, really… But today was the day when we played board games.

ALL DAY. Seriously, noon until about 11 p.m. Some people played video games from about 6 to 11, but it was nothing but board games for me.

First, a new one for me: Arkham Horror. No, it has nothing to do with Batman. Rather, it has to do with the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, best known for the Elder One Cthulhu. It was actually the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts that gave the name to the Batman asylum. And a real asylum, found in Massachusetts if I’m not mistaken, was the basis for the level design in the video game “Batman: Arkham Asylum.”

Anyway, it’s almost like Jumanji in that it’s you against the board. Everyone is fighting to survive the crap the game throws at you. No one person wins. If anyone wins, everyone wins. And we all won. This game took several hours. Partly because we were mostly all new, partly because it just takes forever.

Second, the only game I lost was also the only game that was not new to me: Dominion. It’s a fun deck building game where you have to purchase items and coins and property in the hopes that, when cards start to run out, you have the most property in your deck. A fun game, one I barely lost. And it’d be the only one I lost that day. It takes maybe 30 minutes, 45 for newbies.

The third game we played was a variation of Trivial Pursuit that included betting and sub-categories, called Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It. We split into 3 teams of 2 each, and Chris and I won. We got 5 more pie pieces before the last place guys finished their pie. The final question was a Geography/Track and Field question about what Big 10 college Jesse Owens went to. And I totally got it. That was exhilarating. Especially since I haven’t learned anything about Jesse Owens outside of a documentary on him I watched back in middle school… This Trivial Pursuit game had the potential to go faster than others since every spot on the board you got asked a question on could get you a pie piece.

Then we moved venues to the second event and I jumped into another new game for me, Settlers of Catan. That’s right, I had never played it before. It’s one of those major nerd board games that most every nerd has played at some point. And, well, now I have, so shoo. This one is pretty neat, an interesting game that reminds me strongly of something I used to play in middle school. Unfortunately, it was a game my history teacher invented. You build settlements, get resources to build roads and cities and more settlements, trying to get 10 victory points during play. We played it twice, and I won both times. It was pretty darn fun. I’m sure the expansion packs would make it even more interesting.

And when we replayed Trivial Pursuit, I won that, too.

So, four games played six times and I won five of them. All my victories coming from games new to me that day.

I think that’s pretty cool.

And, while I’m sad no one wanted to play the Harry Potter Trading Card Game (you can never doubt my nerd credentials now), it was still all in all a rather entertaining day. If you’ve never played any of those games, check them out. They work best for groups of 3-4, as I recall, or in Trivial Pursuit’s case, however many people you want to make teams.

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