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The Lazy, Wretched, Undeserving 47 Percent

Okay. This news is just a bit old now, by at least a week… I’ve even already written one or two posts about it. But, if you’ve somehow missed out entirely, the crux of the 47 percent issue is this: In a private fundraiser held in Florida in the month of May, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney kind of demeaned 47 percent of the nation by saying this:

“There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what […] These are people who pay no income tax. […] And so, my job is is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

People have exploded over these comments. Romney at first doubled down on the comments, and since then has had to clarify that he supports 100 percent of America. But he’s still doubling down on the philosophies this statement is rooted in, and is thus perpetuating a rather dangerous and false narrative, an ugly class war far more hateful and brutal than that of the Occupy Wall Street crowd, where so many derided their class warfare against the 1 percent.

Actually, an example pops to mind. Back during the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, there were stories of disdainful and rude people going around and dumping McDonald’s applications on the OWS crowds. The emotions behind that disrespect for fellow Americans are the same emotions behind Romney’s statements about the 47 percent: You have to contribute a certain amount to society, in job creation and in tax collection, to be considered worth anyone’s time.

See, Romney associates anyone in the 47 percent of people not paying income taxes with people dependent on government. Apparently, if you’re not paying income taxes, then you’re irresponsible. You don’t take care of your life. You’re on government assisted living. You’re on welfare or getting free health care or living in government housing.

And the implication is that you’re worthless to society.

Now, as we should ALL know, this isn’t even remotely true, although now there are people pretending that 47 percent of Americans don’t work despite our unemployment rate being around 8 percent… I can’t really make that up. For those of us that aren’t total idiots, though, it’s easy to figure out this isn’t true. Much of that 47 percent works. Most of them do, in fact. It includes families of five making $50k, individuals earning less than $20k and active soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and other countries.

See, I’m in the “makes less than $20k” category. As is anyone with a minimum wage job, even if it’s full time. And if you mention this to supporters of Romney’s philosophy, they’ll simply say: “Get a better job.” Ignore that simply “getting a better job” isn’t something one walks out the door and just does. There’s a deeper problem here. And that’s a disdain for the minimum wage workers.

The Romneys will tout the job creators day in and day out, talking about how amazing they are. How they’re the most important thing to the American economy. But what good is a job creator if no one takes it?

Hey, I just created a new job: My personal maid! Any takers?

Let’s pretend, for a moment, that every single person working for $20k or less a year got a better job. What would the result be? No more fast food restaurant workers. No more Walmart associates. No more paid interns at office jobs. And then what happens? Those big companies collapse. What is Walmart without its associates, McDonald’s without its burger flippers, O’Charley’s without its waitresses? A failed business.

So many have talked about the government and its welfare checks and how those keep people in the lower classes… yet the big companies, these job creators, keep creating minimum wage jobs. Those crappy jobs are the most easily attainable things on the job market these days. So people take them. And get enough money to skim by, to pay the bills, buy some groceries and maybe see a movie or two a month.

And then, the Romneys of the world condemn them as though they are lazy, as though it’s THEIR fault they don’t earn enough money. Hey, why don’t you just go work four crappy jobs, even though it was hard enough finding one? Meanwhile, Romney earns enough to pay extra in taxes despite his earlier saying that doing EXACTLY that would make someone unqualified to be president.

All this talk of the rich paying so much in taxes and the job creators creating so many jobs (that apparently 8 percent of the nation can’t seem to find) is a load of crap. Making them to be the pillars of the economy, the things supporting and keeping America going, is wrong. Because the ones that truly keep America aloft? Well, in truth, it’s all Americans working together. All 100 percent. But, apparently, according to Romney and his beliefs, anyone not paying income tax, anyone receiving government assistance to get support in troubled times… they’re not worth any attention.

And that’s the real problem of Romney’s 47 percent statement. He’s written them off not only as votes he’ll be unable to get, but also as undeserving Americans, not worth being considered in the American dream.

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And Now Is Nap Time

I really tried to curtail the “I’m feeling ill” posts. Honestly. But this has been going on for a while, and I don’t like it. Now my temperature is bouncing around on a trampoline, from 101 to 97.9. It’s ridiculous. And when I get a bit feverish, usually whilst in bed under my SINGLE cover, I start shaking harder than the earthquake in Alaska that broke a 9 on the Richter scale that likely very few people recall.

Thanks in part to my shaking (and my cat, who ate through my cell phone charger last night (this is not related to the me being sick, I’m just annoyed by it)), sleeping has been difficult. I also have sores in my mouth. They’re sores I’ve had before, sadly, and they really suck. The one inside my lip isn’t so problematic, it’s caused because me incisors keep accidentally biting me there. But the partner on the same side of my mouth, the sore on the left edge of my tongue… That one’s the worst. And when I say edge, I don’t mean it’s on top. It’s on the side. So even moving the tongue hurts. Makes eating awkward.

Especially eating a sandwich. Which I did yesterday, because I was fed up with things and my stupid condensed soup needed a can of milk, not a can of water like I assumed it would. Stupid broccoli and cheese…

Anyway, I had planned to write about how Mitt Romney is terrible and how his 47 percent thing perpetuates a false narrative about the working lower class (such as, they are worthless and/or don’t exist), but I don’t have time (or viable conscious mind) for that. So, between dreams of appearing on “The Voice” (where I sing “Collide” by “Howie Day”), I’m writing this update. Technically, this thing has until about sundown tomorrow to buzz off, but it seems less and less likely that that’s going to occur. So, Friday, when I’m not having to be at work all day (just the first half), I think I’ll swing to a doctor. Assuming they take non-insured people for less than an appendage or two. Or an organ, I want to keep those, I think.

But! I do have something cool to beg forgiveness. It’s a video with Grover and Cookie Monster making fun of “Twilight” and singing musical versions of “The Hunger Games,” “The Avengers,” “Doctor Who” and “The Newsroom.” My only complaint is that Grover doesn’t quite sound like the Grover I recall, but Muppeteers change. Many times because they die. Sadly.

…anyway, enjoy that! I’m going to pretend I’m completely healthy and sleep an uninterrupted sleep, as opposed to only two hours like last night.

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The Daily Show’s Best Clip Yet

So, as promised, a post not (completely) about me being sick! Which I still am. I think it’s getting better. Eating my Mexican jambalaya earlier might not have helped things, but pain seems to have abated quite a bit. And it was really tasty. Now I just wish my neck weren’t so sore.


As I mentioned Tuesday in my only other not-about-being-sick post, Mitt Romney made a really massive gaffe wherein he basically says anyone that doesn’t pay federal income tax is irresponsible and dependent on the government to function, asking for things like food and healthcare and shelter. I ended up talking more about what I thought was his more-damning-to-his-so-called-experience statement, the immediate flip-flop on him knowing how the markets work. The big takeaway for everyone, however, has been the 47 percent comment. Because that segregates the nation. Bad idea for Romney.

I would love to talk more about the 47 percent comment and the problems I have with a lot of the ideologies behind it, and behind the people supporting it, but for today, I have a better idea.

I’ll let Jon Stewart do it.

In “The Daily Show”s segment “Chaos on Bulls**t Mountain,” Stewart hammers Romney, Romney apologetics (i.e., Fox News) and the Republican, neo-conservative ideologies that give rise to the sort of idea that people on welfare are useless, unworthy wastes of space in America. I would love to expound on this more, really, but that will have to wait for another day.

Honestly, though, that clip is one of Stewart’s best. Ever. President Barack Obama could just play that, add the tag “I approve this message” and get votes, I think. It’s not necessarily the funniest clip, but it’s one of the most powerful and condemning.

Oh, and as a bonus, here’s a really good SNL clip from a special Thursday edition of SNL’s “Weekend Update.” They also target the 47 percent comment, and make fun of “Fox and Friends.” Easy pickings, but still a lot of fun.

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