An Explanation

As of August 2011, I became a graduate of The University of Alabama. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Yes, that is a strange combination.

To add to that, during the last three years of my college career, I worked at both the student newspaper and the student yearbook as an editor and writer. I’ve also been in the process of writing plays and films for some time. In addition to my ultimate goal of being an actor, I want to be a writer, and I’ll write in styles journalistic, theatrical, cinematic, poetic, political, comic and whatever the heck else I feel like writing.

Sounds chaotic, right?

Well, I’ve been searching for a job since graduating, and having a difficult time of it. I landed an internship at a trucking magazine, but… Finding a job as a writer is especially hard, as writing isn’t really a field you apply to. It’s more a field you keep doing over and over and over again until you hit a break and someone notices you. Kind of like acting.

Well, a good friend of mine suggested I write a blog. Get my words out there. After all, it couldn’t hurt, right? Well, I’ve had blogs before. A blog for my opinions column in the paper, a blog for my creative writings, a blog for my political writings… but I never really stuck with them.

So this time, you get all of me. No catch, no niche, no specific topic for this blog… If I’m writing a piece of my play and want to post it, I will. If I write some political satire and want to post it, I will. If I come up with a neat recipe (Yes, I cook, too. I’m a man of many non-money-making talents.) and want to post it, I will. If I see a movie and want to write a review and post it, I will. If I feel like writing a “here’s what happened today” entry and post it, I will.

You’re getting the whole, chaotic package here, friends. I hope you’ll stick around.

One thought on “An Explanation

  1. Nice! I, too, studied my passion (music) as well as philosophy at University. And my blog is kinda about both of those things. I’m still finding my chaotic and slightly schizophrenic groove. But I also like integrating the two and seeing how they relate. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff šŸ™‚

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