I Don’t Know That A Gun Ban Will Do Much Good

So, if you’ve read anything else I’ve written about gun control and gun control laws, you’ll know that I’m in favor of regulated gun ownership. Anything else simply doesn’t make any sort of sense to me at all. I can’t comprehend how people seem to support the idea of unadulterated gun ownership based simply on the idea that the Second Amendment says there’s a right to bear arms. The other rights are interpreted and regulated, why wouldn’t the Second Amendment be?

Anyway, that’s my opinion. The way to regulate guns sensibly and in a way to lessen gun violence is, admittedly, a sticky wicket with many several factors that exist beyond gun control. Education, poverty, the war on drugs, mental health… they’re all factors. But I do also think that there are sensible things, sensible limitations that can be made, sensible and simple steps that can be put into place to continue to help lessen gun violence and more easily apprehend those that commit crimes.

If you haven’t heard, Senator Dianne Feinstein has just introduced a new gun ban, an “assault weapons” ban, to Congress. It’s basically a rehash of the one from the 1990s that expired in the past 10 years or so, only it has more guns on it. But not to worry. The ban’s not going to take away anyone’s guns, even if they’re on the list. It’s just going to make the selling and manufacturing of those guns illegal. Not that you’d know from the hullabaloo upraised by gun rights people.

Still, if I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know that a gun ban will actually do much. While I do think that there are many guns and armaments that have absolutely no right being in the hands of a civilian population, nor any reason, a gun ban isn’t going to work well. Especially if it’s the only thing that’s going up to bat to lessen gun violence.

Gun violence is a sticky wicket, like I said. It has myriad sources and ways to wiggle around and survive. It’s an unkillable problem, sadly. Only in a world where guns didn’t exist would gun violence not exist, and we will almost surely never be in that world again.

While I can appreciate Sen. Feinstein’s efforts and the intentions behind her bringing the gun ban to the floor, reform cannot end there. It may possibly begin there, but I have a feeling the only beginning it will truly initiate is a conversation. That’s a good start, to be sure. But we need the conversation to be given by people with much calmer heads that won’t instantly jump to slippery slope analogies of Stalin and Hitler any time any law potentially curtailing someone’s ability to own a chainsaw slingshot is introduced into the conversation. And maybe we can stop dodging the problem by saying there are bigger ones and let’s forget this one. Yes. There are bigger problems, people dying more and more in other ways. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying to fix this one as well. And who knows? If we can start doing damage to this problem, we may find some other problems (poverty, crime, drug trafficking, education) start to fix themselves.

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