Breaking The Leg: “The Freese Collection” Collaboration

Sometimes, sadly, there are showings of the arts that occur in Tuscaloosa that go without much notification or notice, particularly in the local media. Fortunately, I’ve caught wind (and sight) of one such artistic collaboration, and want to let you know about it.

“The Freese Collection” Collaboration is a collaboration between the University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance, specifically dance, and the art department. Held at Moody Music Concert Hall today and Friday (with the opening night being on Wednesday), the collaboration is a collection of artistic works called the Nall Art Show outside the concert hall, with the dance show starting at 7:30 p.m., utilizing members of the Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre.

“The Freese Collection” in particular is a world premiere of a solo organ performance by Faythe Freese, professor of organ at UA. The show is about an hour in length and features choreography from Cornelius Carter, Sarah Barry and Rita Snyder.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a show utilizing the large organ in the Moody Concert Hall, and the first dance show I’ve seen in some time. I strongly suggest you go see the show to not only support the arts but also to enjoy the talent and hard work of the dancers who do an absolutely fantastic job.

One note I will make: This is in Moody Music Hall. Not Morgan Auditorium. I made that mistake. It is NOT fun trying to get from Morgan to Moody in 15 minutes.

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