When Will People Stop Listening To Idiots?

We have a pretty big problem in the world. America in particular has a problem.

That problem is giving stupid people a platform to speak on.

Before anyone gets all shocked and yells at me, I’m not saying we should be denying some people the freedom of speech. What I’m saying is that America has confused the freedom of speech with the freedom of national attention. We can all agree, I think, that there are some people that very simply should not have a voice in a national discussion on certain subjects. Members of the KKK probably shouldn’t be allowed to have an influential opinion on matters of Affirmative Action, for example. Nazis simply shouldn’t be allowed to be seriously considered on efforts of peace in the Middle East. They are allowed to say those opinions, but we shouldn’t be letting them mold and shift the public opinion and the direction of discourse.

And yet, we continue to let people do exactly that. All the time. It’s usually never as blatant as a KKK member or a Neo-Nazi… but sometimes, it’s pretty bad.

The thing is, sometimes we give people national platforms not only when they’re seemingly morally repugnant and wrong, but also when they’re simply factually wrong. Heck, that seems to be almost a requirement to be hired as a cable news pundit, particularly on Fox News. Probably the worst is the combination of the two.

I’ve talked about Bryan Fischer a couple of times and mentioned, subtly of course, how he’s a bit of a buffoon. Unfortunately, people still listen to him and give him support to be a nationally recognized voice that gets reported on from time to time. It’d be great if we could bring him to just enough attention to somehow work out a massive “ignore the crap out of him” campaign, but the likelihood of that is unfortunately low.

Anyway, this time, Fischer has decided to attack President Barack Obama’s mention of gay rights in his inaugural address. Apparently, “gays have no right to sodomy.” And let the silliness begin.

It’s people like Fischer that continue to perpetuate the fallacious idea that homosexuality, targeting male homosexuality almost exclusively, requires sex to be homosexuality. It also perpetuates the idea that sodomy is something only for homosexuals. Sodomy is actually any anal, oral or bestial sex. Gender doesn’t matter. And there are quite a few heterosexual couples that engage in sodomy quite often.

It’s people like Fischer that perpetuate the fallacious idea that arguments based on history are sensible and logical, that they have a place in modern discourse. As he says, sodomy was a felony for so long in American history for a reason! Why change it? It should be quite simple to realize exactly why that’s a terrible line of reasoning. Tradition isn’t a good reason to keep doing something. Arguments like that hold back the forward momentum of growth in civilization, hold back the equality of people.

I guess this is partly an argument for the desperate need of an objective, imperial and updated education system in America, and really the whole world. Without one, we just get people saying ridiculously idiotic things and ensuring that people will continue to believe them for years and years. Maybe the first step to fixing education would be taking certain people out of the national discourse. It sounds like anti-free speech nonsense, I know… But not everyone’s opinion has a right to be heard or taken seriously. If that were true, we would truly get nowhere with anything. Some people are, quite simply, wrong in every way.


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