What’s This About Fiscal Cliff “Winners”?

So, we’re pretty much going to go over the fiscal cliff everyone’s talking about. Honestly, everyone seems to make it sound like a “Thelma and Louise” situation when in reality it’s probably not that bad. I don’t know enough about the economy to really make any guarantees, but I’m pretty sure it won’t even be as bad as 2008. Not even close. I have a friend that got a degree in understanding this sort of stuff that made it seem like the cliff won’t be so bad, but we won’t know until we get there, right?

Anyway, the big thing I’ve been reading over and over again is all the people talking about who “won.” General consensus is that Speaker of the House John Boehner has really screwed the pooch on this entire negotiation thing and President Barack Obama is coming out on top.

That seems to be about right. For goodness sake, Boehner sits there and flat says in a “drop the mic” type situation that the House will pass his Plan B, and Obama and the Democrat-run Senate had better step up and vote for it if they wanted a fiscal cliff deal… then none of the Republicans in the House wanted to vote for his Plan B. At which point he said, “It’s up to the Democrats!” and left. Really, it just read as a desperate ploy to try and shift blame to anyone but himself.

But this whole “Obama wins” thing seems silly. People are talking about how much power over Congress he’ll have after we go over the cliff… but people were saying the same things about after he won the election and Democrats retained the Senate and gained seats in both Senate and House. Now, it’s possible he’s started using up some of that political sway in the efforts to move on gun legislation… but no legislation has actually happened, yet, and there were tons of Republicans, even NRA-backed Republicans, saying that we do need to consider new gun control laws. So there wasn’t much power needed to get movement on those efforts.

Honestly, I’m pretty certain an Obama victory in this situation would have been yanking Boehner’s head out of the sand/other places the sun doesn’t shine and getting him to actually make a deal prior to going over the cliff. Now, could this all be a ploy to say Obama wanted us to go over the cliff? Possibly. But that sounds like we’re edging in on conspiracy theory territory. No, more likely, people are just being ridiculous and saying things for the sake of saying them and pretending their opinions matter.

…Okay, I know that’s awkward to say from a blog, but I’m not trying to get on national TV with my opinions and am fully willing to admit my ignorance on the entire fiscal cliff situation. I doubt you’ll find anyone in Congress/on TV willing to admit the same.

I just think that maybe we shouldn’t be seeing Senators and Representatives on TV talking about who’s winning in the fiscal cliff debates, but rather we should see them actually trying to come up with a compromise. But what do I know? All I know is that I get in trouble if I don’t do my job. Congress apparently gets a pay raise.

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2 thoughts on “What’s This About Fiscal Cliff “Winners”?

  1. mharper says:

    “Screwed the pooch”? I understand the sentiment, but I hope that phrase doesn’t come from a literal expression regarding bestiality.

    I’m thankful you didn’t refer to the “so-called fiscal cliff”–which a lot of reporters were doing at one point, perhaps assuming that most Americans don’t understand metaphors. (And actually, “fiscal cliff” implies a steeper decline than what would actually be seen, so it’s kind of a poor figurative expression anyway.)

    The worst thing I’ve heard in all of this was a Congressman Corker from TN saying that it was “the President’s job to lay out a plan and bring people together”. Actually, that’s nowhere in the constitution, and the fact that presidents do lay out plans (in varying detail) has evolved over time. And really, no one particularly likes a leader who can’t come up with constructive criticism, but it’s certainly not the job of the president to craft this, or any other, legislation.

    Hope you had a merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

    • linaloki says:

      I can neither confirm nor deny any bestiality-related activities from Congress. Though they were clearly doing SOMETHING instead of coming up with actual solutions.

      What’s fun about this is that apparently, the president is the only one that was elected to be a leader. No idea what we elect Congress to be, then. Obedient followers? Because they aren’t doing that, either.

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