The Times, They Are A-Wastin’

Very often these days, I find myself either a) caught up with everything I need to do and unwilling to finish what I want to do, leaving me with nothing to do or b) overwhelmed by everything I need an want to do and needing to take a break.

And since I don’t feel like writing yet another movie review at the moment, I’ve decided to talk about what I tend to waste my time with.

Many people that know me know I enjoy trivia. I’ll spout off random trivia facts when the moment allows me to (and sometimes I’ll make the moment myself, thank you). I play trivia every week (or try to) at a local bar (it’s free to play, so why not?). I was the sixth highest individual scorer in my county in high school Scholar’s Bowl, played in college for four years (going to nationals three times myself), and was president of the Quizbowl team one of those years.

I mean, trivia’s fun.

So, often times, when I’m bored/needing a break/distracting myself from work I should be doing (like the play I wanted to finish before the end of they year that is pretty much NOT going to happen), I find myself going to Sporcle. It is THE ultimate ground for wasting time with all sorts of trivia, puzzles and other games. There are countries I didn’t know existed before I discovered trivia. No joke.

Though there are a lot of countries, so I suppose not knowing about the existence of Vanuatu, Kiribati or Tuvalu is understandable for most people.

Anyway. Check it out. Have fun. Yell at me when your productivity drops. It’s all good.

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