8-Bit Pleasures – Into Space 2

I am still so very behind on posts. I keep getting caught up doing things. This time, for example, was bathing my cat for the first time. He did NOT enjoy it, but apparently we might have fleas in the apartment now. Basically, it’s bad news bears. I have post topics ready, I just need to write them. We should be back on track tomorrow. Which, from this post, will actually be three days away. Oops.

Every once in a while, I find I actually have time to play a game. It’s rare… but on occasion, I’ll give myself that pleasure.

And, of course, that pleasure will be an abusive twerp and decide to make itself addicting to the point where I actually lose track of time only to discover I’ve been playing for over four hours.

I find that immensely annoying, but still a sign of a pretty decent game. Immersion and replay value are two very important keys to good games. And I think Into Space 2, from Armor Games, has both, easily.

It’s a simple flash game with a very simple, very played out concept, to be fair: Launch things into space. In your path will be money and obstacles and other items. Maneuver yourself to get them. Buy upgrades. Do better next time. There are several games I’ve played with this same basic concept. Into Space 2 (and possibly Into Space 1, too, I’ve never played it) has the added benefit of missions. Basically, for those missions, the basic tactics of gameplay change up entirely. Instead of going as high as you can and trying to land on Mars, your ultimate goal, you’re trying to blow up an enemy aircraft, or win a race, or deliver a super-heavy cargo load.

Honestly, the game can end rather quickly, depending on how well you do. I spent maybe a day or two on it and already have all the achievements. Still, for that brief amount of time, I was very invested in the game and found myself coming back to it often. It’s simple, easy fun, and a decent way to waste a little free time if you’re so inclined.

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