My Cat Ate My Internet

As always when I miss a post for a day, this is backposted, so ignore the timey-wimey references.

I was running late for a post on the day this says it was written and spending my time thinking hard about what to write. Or watching “The West Wing.” Pick your truth, but the second one is the only one that’s real. Anyway, I finished up with an episode, sat down at the computer and noticed my network cable stopped being plugged in.

So, today, after determining it wasn’t something wrong with the router, I took a closer look at the cable and found that my cat Tybalt had taken to chewing on it just a bit. Which is really just wonderful. A 100 foot ethernet cable is now useless. I was already running late for a post and was feeling exhausted, the elimination of my internet made my desire to try and write a post anyway on my laptop sort of vanished.

But now I have a totally related topic: How to get cats to not chew on things when you’re not around to catch them doing it and spray them in the face.

This is the second wire thing Tybalt’s eaten, actually. I’ve gone ahead and taped down everything as a precaution, and it seems to have worked on my replacement phone charger so far, actually. However, I still want to discourage him from finding anything new and expensive to replace to chew on. I spent $40 on this new ethernet cable. 50 footer. I could’ve bought it online at twice the length for almost half the price, but I didn’t want to wait for delivery.

Anyway, I’ve had diluted hot sauce suggested, but I don’t want my cat pooping diarrhea everywhere… and I don’t own any hot sauce dull enough to dilute to a point that wouldn’t destroy his world. I’ve heard quinine works with dogs if you don’t mind cleaning up their vomit the first couple times while they learn their lesson, but I have carpeted floors and very much mind vomit on them.

Any cat owners out there with any suggestions, I would appreciate it very much. Please help me prevent another trip to the massively misnamed Best Buy. I swear, the markups are almost criminal.

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