Gay Men Will Steal Your Girlfriend

In case you hadn’t heard, several states have voted through a mandate to legalize same-sex marriage. Washington, Maine and Maryland (And maybe another one? I can’t remember.). Throw in the polling data that shows that Americans are finally feeling a majority approval of same-sex marriage’s legalization and it seems like America may actually legalize it within the next 50 years or so.

…yeah, it’s probably a while off for the entirety of the nation, but we’re getting there finally.

Still, it’s a slow, arduous process, one that many are lobbying and fighting to speed up. The reelection of President Barack Obama may help on that front, but it’s really the states that each need to turn around and legalize it, ultimately, unless the Supreme Court steps in with a Loving v. Virginia type of case for same-sex marriage. And has come up with quite the convincing argument to help the more reluctant male voters change their minds.

If you don’t vote to legalize same-sex marriage, gay men will marry your girlfriends.

The video is not entirely safe for work, but it’s pretty funny. And potentially outlines a credible threat. Think about it. I mean, really think about it.

…I don’t really have anything deep to say. My mind is kind of nonexistent at the moment for some reason. I’ll probably get back to ranting about capitalism and greedy, stupid business owners (particularly big, corporate owners) and their consistent resistance to any change that loses them a single personal penny tomorrow. But for tonight, I’m really exhausted.

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