Sing, Sang, Sung – “The Curse” From “Rigoletto”

Don’t really have an excuse for not putting this up yesterday beyond hanging out with people from 4 until after midnight… so, maybe some excuse.

I’m constantly trying to find more music to put in my repertoire. It can be hard, though. I don’t really know much about new musicals that come out. Most of my rep is a series of songs that most everyone with my vocal range sings all the time. That can be problematic. If I go to an audition and someone else uses the song I’m using to audition with, it suddenly becomes about comparing the two of us instead of figuring out if we’re right for the role.

So, a friend of mine reminded me of something I’d long forgotten about. There was a movie back in 1993 made by Feature Films for Families called “Rigoletto.” It was basically “Beauty and the Beast” meets “Phantom of the Opera.” Not exactly the most original plot, but it wasn’t all that bad a movie from what I recall. Of course, I was also a little kid, so who knows. Anyway, what I definitely completely forgot about (and still can’t remember) is that the movie actually had songs in it. And they’re really not that bad at all.

I’m still really hoping to perform a recital at the end of this month/beginning of next month, so long as I can find the musical theatre director and arrange it with him. And if I can find the sheet music for this, I think I want it in there.

“The Curse” – Rigoletto

We’ve heard the tale since we were young,
Heard the songs that have been sung,
About an evil spell.

Someone beautiful is cursed
We feel sad through every verse
Til a kiss and all is well

The message that no one can see
Is clearer to someone like me

There is no curse or evil spell
That’s worse than one we give ourselves
There is no sorcerer as cruel,
As the proud angry fool.

And yet, we cry life isn’t fair
Beneath our cries the truth is there

The power that will break the spell
We should know very well
Is locked within ourselves

Yet we’d rather blame,
And curse our fate then change
We run from everyone to hide from the pain
And all the shame

The story’s old we knew it well
About a wretched evil spell
The power that will break this curse
Oh I know all too well
Is locked within myself

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2 thoughts on “Sing, Sang, Sung – “The Curse” From “Rigoletto”

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  2. Kaeleb says:

    Bro, I did the same thing. I have an audition coming up in a little over a month, and remembered Rigoletto. I am torn between The Curse and April Child. How did it go for you?

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