Breaking The Leg – “Julius Caesar” By Improbable Fictions

As I explained yesterday in my post, today is a staged reading of William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.”

Tonight at 7:30 in Room 205 of the Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library on the University of Alabama campus, Improbable Fictions is presenting a staged reading of “Julius Caesar.” You can read more about it here on the Facebook event. I’m in it, playing Cinna, Second Citizen and a soldier of Octavian.

This is my second time performing with Improbable Fictions, my fifth time working with the core group that has made up Improbable Fictions and The Rude Mechanicals for the past couple of years. It’s definitely a group worth supporting. It helps expand classic theatre to the public that has let the classics fall behind. It’s a good group with talented people, a group that allows for many to act that would otherwise never do so, or even direct when that’s not a typically available option. In theory, IF would potentially also do staged readings of original works. At least, I assume a staged reading by IF is what Nic Helms was referring to when he told me he’d be willing to set up a staged reading of “Camp Gethsemane” when I finish it. Hopefully, I’ll be done in two weeks with the second draft. Which, hopefully, is far better than the first draft.

All I have left is the final scene… having written out one of the characters that featured heavily in the final scene, I don’t know exactly how to handle it. What I do know is that it will be a far shorter scene, with the final cut being around 7.5 to 9 thousand words. Hopefully, that’s enough to put it around an hour and a half of run time. I seriously want this show performed. If it gets good enough reviews, maybe I can self-publish and take it to other cities.

Maybe. Who knows? At times, I feel my dreams are far too big, far bigger than my talents, at least. But, y’know… maybe, just maybe, I can move forward with my writing. After this one’s done, I’ve only got… Oh, like, 15 more projects to write. Fun times.

…Sorry, distracted from my point. Come see “Julius Caesar” tonight. If you don’t know about the plot… well, it’s about the murder of Julius Caesar, how it happened and what the fallout was.

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