Wrecking A Car Is Bad

I suppose it had to happen eventually. What’s the statistic? One of every eight people gets into a car accident? I think I remember one of those Allstate commercials saying that years ago.

I left work late today and headed straight home to eat and grab my clothes/costume for rehearsal today.

Oh, to explain that part: Tomorrow night at 7:30 in Room 205 of the Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library on the University of Alabama campus, Improbable Fictions is presenting a staged reading of William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar.” You can read more about it here on the Facebook event. I’m in it, playing Cinna, Second Citizen and a soldier of Octavian. So, that explains the rehearsal part.

…anyway, on my way home, at the last lighted intersection before my apartment, light went green, I turned left, car hit me in the passenger side. It was my fault, there was no green arrow at that intersection, and I simply didn’t see him sitting at the light, likely distracted by something, and he didn’t see me turning, also distracted.

His car was relatively unharmed, fortunately. I’d hate to severely damage someone’s car when it’s my fault. My passenger side has about a four foot scrape and dent, sadly. My insurance will pay for it after the first $100, but I’d’ve preferred it to just not happen. I didn’t suffer any whiplash or anything, we were going maybe 10 miles an hour at the time… yet my body has decided to feel randomly sore. It kind of sucks.

So I’m not really in much a mood to think about politics or anything meaningful to say, other than to say wrecks suck. Sorry. I’ll get back into it later.

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2 thoughts on “Wrecking A Car Is Bad

  1. mharper says:

    Glad you are okay!!!

  2. Chaeotica says:

    About the random soreness: Yeah, I think it’s because everything tenses up in that split second before the collision (the body reacting automatically to something that it notices before your brain can be flagged – yay reflex – but it probably helps keep you from getting bumped around too badly) and the adrenaline just keeps you from noticing at the time. Give it a few days; you should be fine.

    I’m glad to hear you’re otherwise alright. Good luck with your reading!

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