Obama Wins

I don’t really have anything else to say. President Barack Obama has beaten the Republican contender Mitt Romney, making this election out to be just like 2004 with different colors.

In other news, three of the more heinous candidates for U.S. Congress got ousted or kept out… Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock of the infamous rape quotes lost their Senate races and Representative Joe Walsh lost to Tammy Duckworth. Also, the hotly contested, high profile Massachusetts senate race was won by Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Colorado has become the first state to legalize marijuana, which will probably bring the far too pointless and costly war on drugs (particularly marijuana) to the front of Obama’s next term, and Maryland just became the first state to legalize gay marriage by a popular mandate. Or maybe Maine was. It seems like both are doing it.

In more downer-esque news for my state, it seems the controversial, will-be-a-major-pain-and-harm-our-state Judge Roy Moore will win the election for Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court. I can only imagine the SCOTUS will get a lot of appealed cases from Alabama.

Anyway. As the elections unfold, I’ll keep my eyes on them, pretending to try to sleep and failing miserably. If your candidate(s) just lost, please don’t say you’ll move to another country or America’s going to be destroyed. It won’t happen. Just calm down, breathe deep and try to get through it. And maybe take a more active role in government.

…I guess my political posts are going to be severely truncated now. Lord knows what I’ll write about.

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