Happy Halloween!

Or, Hallowed Be Thy Ween. Whichever works best for you.

There’s a lot I could say tonight… there’s political stuff, non-political stuff… Just random stuff… but I’m going to focus less on saying stuff and more on saying happy Halloween. While October is my least favorite month ever, as I always seem to get screwed over by it year after year, I’m going to go ahead and go out to a party and dress up in a random ensemble of poorly put together clothes that will hopefully slightly resemble a pirate. I’ve got a hat with feathers and everything.

If you’re heading out tonight for a party, please be safe. Have a designated driver. (If you’re going to the party I’m going to, that’s me. Just so you know.) If you’re taking your children trick-or-treating, keep close enough to keep them safe but let them have fun and run around a bit. If you’re driving, watch for children.

Hopefully, I’ll get my photo taken wearing my silly costume and I’ll be able to let y’all see it and agree how silly it looks. Anyway… Be safe and have fun. I’m off.


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