Sing, Sang, Sung – “Raincoat Song” By The Decemberists

Hm… first, some random stuff to fill the space.

For a while, I thought about writing something about my confusion with state’s rights people, those that seem to want states to have more power than the federal government… but I got sleepy and decided not to, at least not today. I am, however, rewatching “The West Wing,” hoping to get past season 5 this go round, and it is thoroughly possible I’ll be writing more about politics as I watch that show, because it’s got some very neat stuff to say and tackles some very interesting issues, like hate crimes being thought legislation and whether it’s right to legislate mindsets.

I’m also almost finished with the second draft of my play. Thus far, 11 or 12 pages have been cut to the tune of some 6000-plus words. I still have eight pages sitting unedited, many of which thoroughly involve a character no longer appearing onstage during the play. I may end up slicing three or four more pages, depending on how the ending gets written. I’m not 100 percent certain how that’ll work, really, with the character changes I’ve made. But that’s something I’ll figure out. I want to have it done in two weeks, so I’d better.

Also, don’t tell my fellow intern/coworker this (which, if you know who I’m talking about, better mean you work where I work otherwise you’re kind of a stalker), but I did download Spotify, as it lets me indulge in my music weakness: Repeats. I tend to get on a “kick” when it comes to music, and I will end up listening to one genre, one band or even one song over and over again for a long time. Weeks, months… Haven’t gotten to years, but I’ve done a full month of a single song a few times with different songs… So… Point is, I’ve been on a Mumford and Sons kick. So don’t be surprised if you see me posting lots of random Mumford and Sons songs.

But the big news of the week is that Disney bought Star Wars. No, wait, that’s not it… Oh, right. It’s the massive storm battering the east coast, Hurricane Sandy. Politically speaking, I have no idea what will happen. There’s talk of delaying the election, there’s the possibility that some of the more strongly hit areas (New Jersey, Manhattan) could even potentially damage President Barack Obama’s numbers in those states (though not likely enough to cause a turnover), et cetera. Humanitarianly, it’s definitely not a good storm. There’s some pretty bad stuff going down. There haven’t been huge numbers of deaths, but there have been deaths, and even one is too many. And ignoring how George W. Bush’s FEMA director thinks Obama acted too quickly with relief efforts, the politics of Sandy aren’t really remotely important.

But Sandy is tangentially related to today’s musical choice. I have another source for new music that is neither Pandora nor Spotify. I follow “How I Met Your Mother” lead actor Josh Radnor on Twitter. He plays Ted in the show. On Twitter, he likes to post songs every so often. In remembrance of those in the path of Sandy that are perhaps experiencing wetter days, he recently tweeted a link to “Raincoat Song” by The Decemberists. And, in the same spirit, with thoughts and prayers to any and all affected by the hurricane, I give you this song. It’s a soft, sweet, playful melody that reminds me of childhood and happier times. For some reason.

“Raincoat Song” – The Decemberists

Caroline you’re angry
‘Cause you sleep like a spinster
And you’re twenty-eight
You been thinking late
You couldn’t catch a cold

Bend your head double
In the goose-down
Piling all the pillows high
Heave your fiercest sigh
And see if that’ll work

And the raincoat that you wore
When it rained today
And the raincoat that you wore
When it rained today
I think it only made it rain more
I think it only made it rain the more

If the water’s all wicking
Up your pant leg
Better wear your britches tight
I should teach you right
To be so down at heel

Going off half-cocked
Not shot full of arrows
From the cherubim
Oh the nerve of them
To not draw their bow

And the raincoat that you wore
When it rained today
And the raincoat that you wore
When it rained today
I think it only made it rain more
I think it only made it rain the more

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