Feeling Sick Is The Worst

Okay. Not literally the worst. I know there are worse things than stomach cramps and nausea.

But it’s definitely not fun.

After staying up until 5 a.m. or so via a theatre party (second time in a row I’ve done that…), I thought exhaustion was the thing I’d feel today. And I have, definitely. Almost got a good nap in there at one point, but I’d’ve missed a script reading for a stage adaptation of a Terry Pratchett novel, “Wyrd Sisters.” For those that don’t know, Pratchett is a brilliantly witty and quirky British satirist (though his earlier stuff is mostly just quirk), author of the Discworld series of books, among others. Such as a co-authored book, “Good Omens,” written with Neil Gaiman. “Wyrd Sisters” is a parodying of the story of the Shakespearean play “Macbeth,” and it’s wonderful. As is the stage adaptation. Good fun. We hope to do a staged reading of the show sometime in March or April of the coming year, I believe.

So, that’ll be fun. Here’s hoping they keep me in the cast. I got to read the part of the Actor-Manager.

…With my several stage managing credits, I couldn’t possibly understand how I got that role…*

Anyway, after all that was done, I came home, ate food… and now I feel a bit ill. AND exhausted. It’s pretty terrible. So I’m holding off on any legit posting for today. Hopefully soon, I’ll get to explore the world of racist sandwiches.

Should be fun.

*I’m not nearly as funny as Pratchett, no joke.

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4 thoughts on “Feeling Sick Is The Worst

  1. mharper says:

    Food poisoning? What did you eat? And do you have a fever?

  2. Chaeotica says:

    Is “Witches Brew” the name of the adaptation? Because it sounds like it’s based on the novel “Wyrd Sisters”.

    Anyway, hope you get to feeling better! And get more sleep! Sleep deprivation makes you more likely to get sick.

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