Nothing Much To Say

I spent most of my evening napping… didn’t mean to. Meant to go pick up a check from three weeks ago… I really need to do that. Then I ended up watching more Marble Hornets videos with my roommates. Neither of these things is me driving home to see my family. I still need to pack and grab things that need to stay there… Oye. I guess I’ll leave early in the morning…

One thing I did do today is listen to former President Bill Clinton’s DNC speech. It’s pretty good. He tells people the facts. He isn’t divisive, doesn’t draw a “Republican vs. Democrat” line. He makes a plea for honesty and civility, compromise in government. And he makes a strong, factual case for President Barack Obama’s record and potential second term. I’d say it’s worth a listen.

Anyway, I guess I’m going to either try to pack or get some sleep (read as: watch more “Doctor Who”). Tomorrow, I should have a legitimate post up based on some discussions I had on a political website. The topic, unless something changes: Bigotry. What a fun, safe thing to discuss, right? Maybe I’ll actually have a fleshed out, thoughtful post that I don’t have to try to explain later, too. That’d be nice.

…well, goodnight for today.

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One thought on “Nothing Much To Say

  1. Rocyarr says:

    The Doctor and the birds the episode were the we meat the dream lord. Each time they changed dreams you could hear bird. I’m sure you remember this well but I saw something, no I’ve heard something. A few times on different episodes I’ve heard the same birds not similar birds the same ones. I think it not a mistake but something hidden like a Easter Egg. If you want a list ill look them up with time references and such.
    BWT I’ve never done anything like this before but I thought you would want to know.

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