Sing, Sang, Sung – “Walk On The Ocean” By Toad The Wet Sprocket

I still don’t have anything to say, really. Today was the third day in my long weekend. I did chores. I watched more “Doctor Who.” I found myself annoyed with the whole Martha Jones being in love with the Doctor thing. I found myself more annoyed with the Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned.” But I can always talk about that later.

Frankly, there hasn’t been much going on politically other than the three headlining RNC speeches (Paul Ryan, Clint Eastwood and Mitt Romney) being kind of awful. And I don’t feel like talking about them. Not right now at least. Maybe after the DNC gets a chance to be a comparison.

You ever have days like that? Not writer’s block, necessarily… just days when you don’t feel like it? Days of lethargy, I suppose?

Anyway. I give you another song. It’s an old one (Like, the 1990s. Practically ancient.), and apparently not terribly well known/popular? At the very least, there’s not terribly many Youtube videos of it. In fact, I think I’ve only ever found the one that includes a video, and it’s missing the first second or so of the song. And looks to be recorded on VHS. Badly. Fortunately, since then, someone’s added an album version.

Ah, well. Beggars, choosers and something about horse steak and all that.

I’m putting this song up just because. It’s one I always wanted to do a capella… most of my a capella group laughed at the idea. Well, the guy in charge did, so, the majority of people that mattered. Plus, I don’t know how to arrange music. I’m sure I could, if I just took the time to try… but it’s not in my bailiwick, for sure. So, no a capella version I’ve ever heard thus far. Even though I think it would sound great. But maybe this is a song everyone hated but me? You tell me.

“Walk On the Ocean” – Toad the Wet Sprocket

We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail
Where are we going, so far away
And somebody told me that this is the place
Where everything’s better, everything’s safe

Walk on the ocean
Step on the stones
Flesh becomes water
Wood becomes bone

And half and hour later we packed up our things
We said we’d send letters and all those little things
And they knew we were lying but they smiled just the same
It seemed they’d already forgotten we’d came

Walk on the ocean
Step on the stones
Flesh becomes water
Wood becomes bone

Walk on the ocean
Step on the stones
Flesh becomes water
Wood becomes bone


Now we’re back at the homestead
Where the air makes you choke
And people don’t know you
And trust is a joke
We don’t even have pictures
Just memories to hold
That grow sweeter each season
As we slowly grow old

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