Should There Be Competency Tests For Congressmen?

Sometimes I wonder if we should have civics or competency tests for our voters. Honestly, some of the people that vote are just plain dumb. I suppose that’s part of what the Electoral College was originally designed to prevent, but I can’t for the life of me figure out exactly how that works. And the Electoral College only votes for presidents. There are tons of other people the idiots of the nation can vote on.

But what’s fun about democracy, particularly during its origins, is that senators and representatives are meant to be from the people for the people. The movie “Gladiator” touches on this subject. These days, politics has become such a game of nepotism and one only moneyed people can play, it’s pretty obvious that the “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” style of “representation from among the common man” politics is long dead.

But every once in a while, someone in Congress steps up and says something that reminds me there are some that are truly representative of their constituents.

Assuming, of course, that their constituents are stupid. Massively stupid. Like the voters that make me consider civics test requirements. When these representatives and senators say things, it makes me wonder if we should force people running for office to pass some sort of test.

I mean, why not? Lawyers, those that practice law, have to pass the BAR exam. And they have to do it 50 times if they want to practice in all 50 states (unless there’s some sort of federal BAR I don’t know about). Yet the people MAKING those laws can literally just be pulled off the street if they garner enough votes. It’s occasionally disturbing to think about.

Especially when you hear a representative suggest that raping, kidnapping and forcing a minor to have an abortion is not illegal in the U.S.

Republican Iowa Representative Steve King has recently come under fire for some comments he made about how dog fighting should be legal. Stephen Colbert took on the “challenge” of making him look stupid… note that challenge is in quotation marks because it’s really easy.

In the statements King makes, he somehow analogizes dog fighting, in which two dogs are provoked into fighting one another until death, with boxing or MMA, in which two (or more maybe?) consenting adults duke it out under certain rules and regulations and not until death at all. Somehow, letting us pay to see two people whale on one another until in severe pain is the same as letting us see two animals tear each other apart in King’s mind.

Then, attempting to defend his rather idiotic statements, he made another analogy that makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. In that analogy, he makes the claim that raping a minor, kidnapping her, carrying her across state lines and forcing her to get an abortion is not illegal in the United States.

This person was hired to make laws and he clearly has no idea what they even are. For those playing at home, each one of those things is, in fact, quite illegal and the across state lines thing even gets the FBI involved.

This is the same representative that wants to repeal every single thing President Barack Obama has signed during his first term in office. Clearly, this is one of those attempts to pit Democrat as anti-Republican, because bipartisanship is as extinct as the ichthyosaur. It’s also clearly an attempt to repeal Obamacare. Something the House of Representatives has attempted over 30 times. Even when they’re doing nothing, Congress wastes time.

Ignore the fact that any such bill would also cause the military to lose funding, would revoke medals awarded to 9/11 first responders and would raise taxes by killing the Bush-era tax cuts. And raising taxes is something the GOP isn’t allowed to do, thanks to Grover Norquist.

The fact that people like King are in Washington, being paid a LOT of good taxpayer money, pretending to attempt to make laws when they’re clearly too incompetent to even keep up with the basic ones that are already out there… it scares me. Quite a bit. I feel like America needs a big old recall button, like a return receipt, for any time a Congressperson says something like this. Something to just nullify their vote and rescind their paycheck. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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