BCS National Championship: A State Holiday

So, there’s a big ol’ football game going on today. In case you haven’t heard. Pretty much the entire state of Alabama is taking sides or is conspicuously invading Louisiana.

Because this is the ReGame of the Century! The Game of the Century already happened, so this is kind of the sequel. That somehow is supposed to be better.

I’m as confused as you.

Anyway, I’ve been whittling away at my next political blog post, but I feel it’d be a bit… out of place… today. Also, since many of my readers get here from my Facebook, likely a post about the hypocrisy of most of the current GOP presidential nominees would go mostly unread.

And I likes my stuff getting read.

So I am, once again, copping out. Been doing a lot of that lately. Sorry. I’m sure I’ll make it up by making outlandish statements only a liberal could love.

If you like football, go watch the game. If you don’t like football… Um… I’m sure YouTube could provide some entertainment. Or maybe give “Castle” a looksee. Good show, needs the boost to its ratings that won’t happen tonight of all nights.

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