Happy Turkey Coma Day

For those of you unaware, Turkey Coma Day refers to the 24-hour period after you gorge yourself on the meal traditionally eaten on Turkey Day. Did I just make that up? Certainly. But maybe it’ll stick.

Anyway, I hope people had a good Thanksgiving. If I happen to have readers from outside the United States… well, um, howdy, and hope you had a good day in general.

After spending an entire day fixing up two separate fruit salads, a salad and fixings and several other foodstuffs, followed by consuming said foodstuffs, I’m pretty exhausted. And I get to work the Doorbuster Black Friday shift at Walmart, from 9 p.m. (an hour before our first Black Friday sale) to 7 a.m.

I’m, like, comatose with excitement here.

So, I’m just writing this little ditty here and leaving you with a link to one of the greatest depictions of Thanksgiving cheer cinema has ever provided us with.

Happy happy Turkey Day, y’all.

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