Why Aren’t People Looking At The Candidates?

This post will likely be brief. Long hours at work and the nearing Thanksgiving holiday find creative ways to eat at my time and energy. I will hopefully introduce the discussion in this post and go into more intelligent, pensive depth in a later post. Apologies for the low quality as of late.

Something I’ve noticed lately, brought on by a passing, brief joke made by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” is that voters don’t seem to be paying very much attention to the candidates at all. Stewart’s joke was something like, “It’s amazing what paying attention to a candidate can do to their campaign.”

And isn’t it? Every single GOP front runner that has not been Mitt Romney, that has basked in severe media adoration, has seen a cataclysmic fall the moment scrutiny is turned toward them. Michele Bachmann suffered when people realized, via HPV vaccines and other subjects, she didn’t seem to know much about what she was talking about. Rick Perry suffered from racist rocks at hunting grounds, confusion and weariness at debates, and a speech a man would be hard pressed to emulate without alcohol in his system. Herman Cain got slammed by a complete lack of knowledge of foreign politics and a completely too thorough knowledge of women that aren’t his wife. And now Newt Gingrich, as the front man, is being hit with accusations of greedy lobbying, “dickishness,” and rather ridiculous plans that are grounded in the idea that child labor laws are stupid.

…my question is, how did these guys become front runners in the first place? Why don’t people actually research and get to know the candidate beyond a random sound bite? Bachmann’s popularity soared with her Tea Party backing, as did Perry’s. Cain’s homespun attitude and political purity, plus his status as a cancer survivor, helped out quite a bit. Gingrich’s disdain for all things liberal and seeming refusal to be afraid to show that disdain have given him a boost.

Note that pretty much none of those things have to do with what a president of the United States needs.

Final thought for now: The constant second place runner, the man most likely to be nominated by the GOP, has pretty much resorted to blatantly lying, or at least being blatantly dishonest, to gain more press coverage and news time covering his taking the fight to Obama. Do we really need a president that will do that without even pretending to have moral qualms?

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One thought on “Why Aren’t People Looking At The Candidates?

  1. FLPatriot says:

    Good article, well written and you have good thoughts on the current state of the GOP race.

    I see the constant rise and fall of ‘favorites’ in the news as a product of the main stream establishment wanting to create news to get people to tune in. The news is generally not an interesting thing to watch and most Americans ignore it, but these headlines are getting people to tune in and it is allowing networks to earn more from advertisers due to increased viewer numbers.

    I live in Florida and I can tell you that nothing gets the local news more excited then a tropical storm with a name. They know we Floridians will tune in to track a storm to make sure we are prepared if it turns into a hurricane. Unfortunately they are now in a habit of over exaggerating every storm as if it is the next Katrina in hopes of attracting viewers.

    The other problem is that the one candidate in the GOP race that has no baggage will never be allowed to win the nomination by the establishment Republicans, that candidate is Ron Paul. Because he does not toe the party line the GOP will never allow him to get the nomination.

    Lastly, the left wing media will continue to leave Mitt Romney alone because they know he can not beat Obama. Mitt is too left of center to get the conservative base excited about voting for him, and moderates are infamous for not voting for someone just to vote against someone else. Once Mitt gets the GOP nomination you will see all the dirt against him to make him look like a good Democrat to scare of the conservative vote and Obama will slide in to a second term, not based on his own merit but based solely on the fact that GOP will not nominate a true conservative candidate.

    Thank you for your time.

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