Crimson Tide Football, WordPress, And Other Losses

I think I know the problem: My Firefox is old. I’ve finally got WordPress working properly on Google Chrome… Nerts. I’ll try tomorrow to go back and fix previous posts. Sorry for the low quality yesterday and today.

Okay. So, the post box is looking at least close to normal (though links still don’t seem to work… ugh), but for right now, WordPress does not seem to be cooperating much with me. I’m really not exactly sure why. I’ve already deleted cookies and other junk, tried it on other browsers… I’m going to switch to other computers next, when I have time, and see if it’s just my PC…

This, of course, means that my posting will likely be a lot less awesome than it has been in the past. I’m still going to fight my way through a post a day, because that’s how I roll. But the content might be of an even lower quality than some of the stuff I’ve offered before.

Scary, right?

Still, for things like yesterday’s post, I plan to go back and clean it up, type more out. Hopefully, WordPress will stop being such a poophead to me.

But, to substantive content. Today, an intelligent, entertaining commentator on life died. Andy Rooney, that wonderful old man on “60 Minutes” who had something to say about pretty much everything, died today at age 92.

In my mind, while I didn’t watch his segments as often as I’d’ve liked to, this is a big loss. Andy Rooney did pretty much the same sort of thing I’m doing here, only FAR better. Like, man, there’s not much of a comparison. He’ll be missed.

Also killed today was the University of Alabama’s drive toward the second BCS championship in 3 years, in all likelihood. While it’s possible for UA to pop back up and have a shot, that chance is extremely low. It’s to the point of not even bothering to consider it. But it has been, and will continue to be, a great season. And does anyone notice how the SEC is cleaning up these past several years? I swear, it’s like other conferences don’t even play sports.

For now, that’s about all I have. Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out this WordPress snafu thing, and we’ll be able to go back to me saying inflammatory, idiotic, in depth things about topics most people don’t actually give a care about.

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One thought on “Crimson Tide Football, WordPress, And Other Losses

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