Something To Think About: Child Abuse

I’m going to go ahead and put this up here in case I don’t get a chance to later today… I hope to talk more in depth about it later, though.

In light of the current political clustermuffin, a lot of serious, important topics about humanity and decency get lost amongst seemingly drunk political candidates giving speeches in New Hampshire and double fences. Sure, some things like possible sexual harassment get covered, but there are some stories that end up buried under all the hubbub.

Stories like a Texas judge viciously beating his daughter. The warning in the story is true. That first several minutes is likely to make you feel ill or extremely angry.

I’ve not got the time at this particular moment to discuss this as thoroughly as I’d like, but I’ll say this: I was spanked as a kid. Both with hand and with belt. There were even times when tempers were lost, both from myself and my father. We were very good at bringing out the anger in each other.

But viciously whipping shins, threatening to beat in his child’s face? My father would never have done that even in his angriest moments. In my mind, this is excessive, violent, unnecessary, and should potentially be criminal. Certainly, a man with such a skewed sense of justice and punishment should not be a judge.

It’s unfortunate that decency is still so far away for humanity at large.

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